TECH NEWS: YouTube allows the live broadcast of all channels

Thursday, May 16, 2013

YouTube allows the live broadcast of all channels

YOUTUBE LIVE يوتيوب تتيح البث المباشر لكافة القنوات
YouTube announced the availability of direct broadcast service to all channels, which owns more than a thousand subscribers at least, this service was previously limited to a sample of all channels.
And includes feature the live broadcast of the use of multiple cameras to shoot from different angles, and channel owners can activate the feature by Mark from theadvantages of the account page.
YouTube had been gradually began to activate feature the live broadcast of paid, which includes payment of subscriptions, according seen only for some partner channels. It is not yet clear whether Google will expand the feature watch the live broadcast of paid up to a larger number of channels with this expansion today.
And also began the possibility of viewing paid channels regular pay monthly subscriptions open starting from $ 0.99 per month, and initially chose 53 channel from the channel partner with the promise of its expansion in the future to cover a greater number also provides owners of channels 14-day free trial and there are discounts for Order for long periods.