TECH NEWS: Digital navigate the business world to new heights in the Middle East

Monday, May 27, 2013

Digital navigate the business world to new heights in the Middle East

ArabNet Shift Digital Summit digital navigate the business world to new heights in the Middle East
Digital technology will transform the business concept in the Middle East and the Arab countries to new heights. Companies will face rejection of this change is a real danger in continuity. This fact will attract different poles digital industry, business and technology to attend the summit Arabnet digital in Dubai, according to edifice Omar Christidis, Founder and Executive Director of Arabnet. 
pointed Ronaldo Mushahwar CEO of leader in digital commerce, to the prosperity significantly in the digital domain: " digital commerce in the Middle East and North Africa has seen increasing by about 45% in 2012 to reach $ 15 billion, and analysts expect an annual increase of over 20% over the next three years, which culminates the Middle East and North Africa, the fastest-growing in the world. "
Subject of new digital technologies such as social media, mobile phones and the preparation of reports and analyzes of mobile phones for a radical change in the economic landscape. And made ​​available to the executives in the industry both in the travel industry, real estate, or telecommunications, retail, or health care or other, an amazing array of opportunities and challenges of the new digital. "Traded Funds and E-commerce boom, which is worth more than $ 15 billion has come from non-but extracted of traditional companies that have not kept pace with this development. This is a wake-up call, "as Christidis stated. 
and to discuss these changes and their impact on the business world, will be held ArabNet Digital Summit, the largest annual event digital, between the period of June 24 and 26 at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai. Gathered more than 1,000 professionals in the regional and global arena with more than 100 people from the keynote speakers. The hosts of this great event a path for the industry in the second day, where professionals are looking at the importance of digital innovation is very rapid for large traditional companies.
The main seminars include on the agenda of the summit to discuss developments in the travel sector digital note that the latest figures indicate an increase of 22 percent in direct booking online in the Middle East amounted to $ 15.6 billion in 2014. And discusses the leaders in this sector, for example, but not limited to, Expedia, Hilton Hotels, Hotels Combined and Travel the START, the latest opportunities available to suppliers and travel agencies working directly via the Internet in the travel industry in the Middle East and North Africa.
Other seminars include in the summit digital jamming processing sector employment. In fact, the increasing adoption of employers and job seekers on the Internet and mobile phones and uses more than half of the employers the Internet to recruit talent in the centers developed and supports more than 70 percent of job seekers on social media to find jobs. During the summit, the representatives of the site Linked among mankind and Odsk and House dot com and other leading networking sites oriented companies, providing platforms that focus exclusively on people who work free time and discuss the changing nature of work.
Looking path of Industry at the summit also affected the real estate sector is one of the largest and most important sectors in the region, the fast-changing habits of customers.According to the company Google and the National Association of Realtors, uses nearly 50 percent of home buyers in the United States the Internet to conduct their research primary homes while using about 70% of real estate buyers applications mobile phones for the options market and get a deal a good buy. The summit discussed how companies can increase the effectiveness of real estate mobile phones and social media to attract customers and increase sales. And will also look at the latest services and applications that meet the needs of researchers for homes.
Discusses the summit "Arabnet" Digital 2013 evolving trends in the mobile sector, trade and social media. And looking at the investments that are held in the digital sector in the Middle East and North Africa and offers the most comprehensive digital interface of emerging companies. Moreover, it will be the culmination of the most talented programmer in the region after developers contest, which lasted for a year and participated in four Arab countries. More importantly, it will reveal the path of the industry revealed about how the Web and mobile phones at the heart of the traditional sectors. On the other hand, meets top concerns of every person in every sector, especially according to what age Cristidis, Founder and Executive General Manager of the summit, "Arabnet" that "companies that do not take your cart Digital will fail to meet its customers and lose the competition in its struggle for survival."