TECH NEWS: Fourth-generation networks will cover half of the world in 2018

Monday, May 27, 2013

Fourth-generation networks will cover half of the world in 2018

Cell tower Aug10 1024x682 fourth-generation networks will cover half of the world in 2018
New research pointed out that the fourth-generation LTE networks-FDD will expand to cover 57% of the world's population, while the networks will cover the LTE-TDD slightly lower rate of up to 52% of the world's population at the time.
In light of this global trend towards wireless networks, highlights the challenges for telecommunications companies to deliver high speeds communication networks for different geographical areas.
But helps provide quick call to the Internet wireless anywhere to create new opportunities not previously available and easy, especially in the quality of content, where we will find the largest spread of the multimedia like video content and sound compared to the content or pic script.
It is noteworthy that Samsung now began to develop a fifth-generation networks hundreds of times faster than the fourth-generation networks where allows tens Giga bytes transfer per second and a distance of at least 2 kilometers and expected to be available to consumers by 2020.
This will bring the debate about the balance between the extent of the spread of the Internet and Internet connection speed , where it while running some telecommunications companies to keep pace with development and provide the latest technology to speed up communications, there are companies and countries working on the spread of the Internet's largest, even on the scope of old techniques such as second or third generation.