TECH NEWS: HTC One sells 5 million units within two months

Monday, May 27, 2013

HTC One sells 5 million units within two months

Achieved phone HTC One  sales reached 5 million units since its launch confirms that the sales of the device much lower than the sales of rival closest Galaxy S 4, which achieved ten million units in less than one month only, although it was released to the market after the HTC One.
He explained one of the managers in HTC told the Wall Street Journal that the demand for a good device and exceeds the company's ability to production and supply in the market.He pointed to problems in the supply of parts and manufacturing materials within the supply chain and said he found the company a better idea about the performance of the device in the next month.
Despite good sales for HTC One phone but HTC First is not a who came Facebook interface where suffering from poor sales so that the company thought to stop production.
The American retailer statistics have revealed earlier that sales of Galaxy S 4 is better than HTC One sales , although it arrived two weeks later.
And some analysts predicted that sales will improve device that will contribute to improving the financial status of the company where they had fallen for the past quarterprofit by 98%.