TECH NEWS: Hollywood calling for Google Delisting mega site from the search results

Friday, May 31, 2013

Hollywood calling for Google Delisting mega site from the search results

mega paradise verge 800 large verge super wide Hollywood demanding Google Delisting megabytes site from the search results
U.S. media have asked of the search engine Google to remove any of the search results mega file storage site, claiming they violate intellectual property rights.
And both of the companies Warner Bros. and NBC Universal film production company had asked Google to delete the site megabytes of search engine results, where the site content is owned stores to those without the right companies.
Responded founder Kim Dotcom location of this claim that the same conduct described non reasonably content industry, which has long suffered for many years, where they still hold Hollywood responsible for closing his previous position megaupload in 2012.
Google did not agree to this claim, where still the search results of mega site show it. And Dotcom see that a number of requests for the removal of these are fakes and often pass for systems and are not actual claims from users.
And Dotcom depends on his previous experience in its megabytes (Iblod) to see these claims, where 20% of all requests to remove content and fake influenced by a lot of files stored on the site does not violate any rights of ownership.
Mega site achieved rapid spread after it was launched, as it reached new users by more than 3 million people during the first month of its launch only.