TECH NEWS: Twitter Lead Generation Card

Monday, May 27, 2013

Twitter Lead Generation Card

twitter تويتر يطلق بطاقات Lead Generation CardTwitter officially launched his business cards and called the new Lead Generation Card, which allows users to show their concerns on a special discounts or offers taking place for the promotion of trade marks for their favorite.
When the user using this feature, it will see a description of this presentation, as well as a small button that would allow him to send all its data immediately, starting with the name and e-mail address to the brand or one of its inquiries.
generation card تويتر يطلق بطاقات Lead Generation CardAnd all information will be pre-filled in the card Twitter, based on the settings for existing accounts of users, and thus will avoid that process Almmlah of filling in forms on the Internet, as soon as you click the button, information is sent securely to the account that will be sent offer to him.
The idea here is to give companies more opportunities to discover new customers, and also reduce the amount of time spent by the client to discover a presentation on Twitter and the actual payment for the purchase of a product or service online.
The company said it plans to launch these cards at the global level and for small and medium enterprises activities soon, and until that time, Lead Generation Card will be available in only Twitter clients.