TECH NEWS: Taiwan offers Internet services free for visitors

Monday, May 27, 2013

Taiwan offers Internet services free for visitors

taiwan Taiwan provides Internet services to visitors for freeIt is obvious to everyone, that the internet connection while traveling abroad is one of the great blessings given us by God Almighty them, you can use Google maps, explore the nearest restaurant, as well as check the weather, and a lot more.
Taiwan's government made statements stating the expansion of free wireless connectivity services for tourists and travelers all over the state, and after that the government has launched a free call services in Taipei in 2011.
In a press statement, said the competent organ of the government and tourism developed around 4400 device "Taiwan" - pickup wireless connection - in the main tourist destinations, and basic roads, cultural institutions and government offices throughout the state.
All he needs is a passport tourists, and through which he can get at the expense of "Taiwan" in the offices of tourism, and the entire service will be free.
Recall that in the past year, the number of foreign tourists coming to Taiwan 7.3 million, which despite the ruin of the old index, but it is possible to increase to 7.7 million this year.