TECH NEWS: Perception of the new features in iOS 7 by rumors

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Perception of the new features in iOS 7 by rumors

ios 7 concept conceived of the new features in iOS 7 by rumors
Each designed by Christian Lue and Ran Avni their perception of the new jobs that they wish to come by iOS 7 according to the rumors, and those functions appear significant improvement in the performance of the voice assistant Siri and others.
And the first ideas they offer are panoramic wallpaper, so that they are wider and can move between different office surfaces.
Then they talk about REACT feature notices, so if you received a message, for example, you can press the reply button and write a reply and send it without having to leave the application you're working on it.
And benefit from the idea that the next order will integrates with Flickr and Vimeo so that they can share photos and videos them directly from the browser, where it becomes Seri able to lift images directly to Flickr and it commands audio-only, where you can tell him "the highest last image captured on Flickr" The task is.
And improvements to Siri exceeds that of the operation and closure of certain functions in the system, such as activating the Wi-Fi and close network of the fourth generation, and even can ask you to lunch from a list of restaurants suggested to you based on the geographical location and type of food you have requested, and even can book you taxi up to a location, and be your own alarm time you want to wake determined on a song and then open the application you read the news or read is you, and so you are looking for the translation of different languages.
There are other perceptions about the application of music and playlists, and icons, folders and presentation at the open and the new features in the device settings.
The video presents the cyan-colored version of the iPhone device and ends mentioning the name of the iPhone 5 S, and this is consistent with all the news, which says that Apple will launch a cheap version of the iPhone will be available in several colors other than white and black usual.
We had deployed earlier in all the details available on the iOS system design 7 , where he wants Johnny how to be flat, and focuses on black and white.