TECH NEWS: "Awal " to launch regional workshops specializing in cloud computing

Monday, May 27, 2013

"Awal " to launch regional workshops specializing in cloud computing

awal first regional launches workshops specializing in cloud computingComplementing its strategy to support all activities and events specialized information technology, the company launched the first IT services group of regional workshops specialized in three major cities, Riyadh and Khobar and Jeddah, in order to introduce and review a number of topics on cloud computing and known as the "first-Claude" Awal Cloud.
AWALCloud first regional launches workshops specializing in cloud computingIt was also a review of some other managed services Managed Services, and the workshops continued until yesterday evening, seeking "the first" to contribute to the development of the private technical performance in the government sector and technical, as well as the promotion of its importance and how high priority in the Kingdom.
"First" is one of the group companies, Saudi Telecom, which offers a number of specialized technical services, including services including systems integration and professional services, and is working hard to consolidate the concepts of information technology through the presentation of the latest products and technologies, and discuss ways to develop and use them with specialists in Kingdom.
The workshops discussed for modern applications and services in light of the significant growth of the information technology sector in the Kingdom.
Lower in the latest report from the Communications and Information Technology for the year 2012, the number of subscriptions to broadband services across networks, fixed went up to 14.82 million subscribers at the end the year, an increase of 12% in 2011, while it has reached the number of subscribers in the Internet services in 2012 to 15.80 million subscribers, an increase of 16% from 2011.
It is noteworthy that the volume of spending on telecommunications and information technology was estimated at 94 billion riyals in 2010, where noted Information Technology 30% of total spending, and is expected to remain the sector at the same pace of growth up to an increase of 10% over the year.