TECH NEWS: Founder Mega upload: I own patented "two-step verification"

Monday, May 27, 2013

Founder Mega upload: I own patented "two-step verification"

google two factor authentication hero 1024x576 founder of megabytes (Iblod): I have a patented two-step verification
The founder of the site continues to cloud storage Megaiblod previously and megabytes currently Kim Dot Com provoking news around after the new statement, which he says he invented the two-step verification security feature and has patented.
The statement came a few hours after the announcement Twitter from the application of the two-step verification feature in its social network to increase the protection of user accounts, especially after many operations hack were exposed accounts and global news agencies.
It can be found on the landing patent from this page , which offers ordered Kim Schmitz in 1998, and he himself Kim dot com before changing his name in 2005.
The advantage of two-step verification add a layer to protect new user accounts, so send code especially on the phone user should be added after typing the correct password, and therefore even if he could hacker access to the password and access them it will be able to follow-up before it enters the code, which reached to the phone user .
And all the big companies began recently focusing on activating this feature, dot com says he did not pay him any amount of companies to meet their use of this feature, including companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and others.
  But he explained in a Tweet him that he does not have to sue all the companies that use its security advantage owns a patented, in terms that he believes the participation of knowledge and ideas for the benefit of society, but it ended Tweets possible to sue these companies as a result of what the United States has done with him.
And face his speech in Tweets to each other from Google and Facebook and Twitter that they are asked to help finance his defense before the judicial trial against him and allowed these companies to use patented free.
It is noteworthy that there are financial assets worth $ 50 million at least back to Kim Dot Com is frozen without judicial trial after the fair.
The FBI has closed famous Megaiblod site which is owned by Kim and his arrest and the freezing of funds, and then the lights came back from New service launched cloud megabytes of storage space 50 GB free with multiple security features.