TECH NEWS: A reading extracts NewsBlur gets a new design

Monday, May 27, 2013

A reading extracts NewsBlur gets a new design

header web 1024x577 application read extracts NewsBlur gets a new design
Reading program got NewsBlur conclusions on the new design is now available for all users to try to take advantage of gain its fans share Google for feeds permanently closed after the end of the month.
The new program became faster than before and has added a number of features in the user interface, such as notices statements, as applied has been redesigned Android and iOS.
What distinguishes this program is to bring feed and speed as well as the multiple ways to read the news and Postings, as it contains the algorithm can learn from the way you browse for feeds so that it does not show you more of the news that do not normally read.
And longer service NewsBlur the good alternatives to Google Reader and service that we have mentioned in the list of other alternatives , and they also contain additional benefits paid fees $ 24 per year.
And there are 10 thousand active users per day, at least in dealing with service extracts of 4 million site is updated every day, and got a 20% increase in traffic to the service after the announcement of Google stopping its service.
What distinguishes the service right is the algorithm is smart it so that add-on that they are trained on the type of browsing, and you read, they will not offer conclusions refined, if you follow two published the same story, it would accept display only one of them and this will reduce your burden if you are pursuing a number Large sites.
And can download any version suits you, such as the desktop , Android or iOS