TECH NEWS: HTC One may come copy Alandroed the net

Thursday, May 30, 2013

HTC One may come copy Alandroed the net

HTC may go in the footsteps of Samsung and provide a copy of its smart phone HTC One copy android the net.
This was according to Geek site that HTC Corporation is already working on version of the phone without the famous Sense interface that distinguish phones from other Android phones. It is expected to launch the phone in the U.S. market initially only.
The same source had leaked information about the Samsung Galaxy S 4 that will come copy crude Android, which is what happened when it was uncovered by Google in recent developers conference.
He was CEO of HTC Corporation has previously stated that the company is proud of the Sense interface and will continue to launch on all devices.
But with the exit Executive Director Kouji Kodera with quite a few of the senior staff in the company despite the sale of 5 million units of the HTC One within two months , may change these principles and launches HTC already her facade Android net, especially that it has launched phone HTC First facade Facebook Home .