TECH NEWS: Google Trends service update design and new listings

Monday, May 27, 2013

Google Trends service update design and new listings

Top Charts for blog post تحديث خدمة Google Trends بتصميم و قوائم جديدة
Google added new listings show where more searches for people, places, things, in more than 40 different classification so that it displays in real-time ranking of the top searches according to the selected category.
To take advantage of these lists, go to Google Trends service and then press the Top Charts on the left side and choose what suits you, for example, you can choose the ten most cities in search of last April.
And will show you a list of results you requested with the index for a popular and importance of each element of the world searching for, as well as the index for the further growth of interest in this race or not.
google trends full screen تحديث خدمة Google Trends بتصميم و قوائم جديدة
Add to this new feature, there is a new way also to display the search results for trends as soon as they occur, and can be accessed from the left side of the home page for the service, and clicking on the Visualize Hot Searches in full-screen will display more topics commonly discussed and full-screen in the form of color pages and the various languages ​​of the world and you can click on any topic to the search engine Google to search for.
You can also click on the top left corner of the page and choose to display more than one card or topic per page where the page will be divided into a selected number of cards and color display with common themes.
Google has changed in Home Design to serve Google trends so that the exposed top searches in the bulk section of the page under Hot Searches divided by history and the list of those operations with expressive image and links to search and can also be shared with others.
Trends UX for blog post updated Google Trends service design and new listings