TECH NEWS: Microsoft may reward you for watching TV

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Microsoft may reward you for watching TV

Microsoft kinect may reward you watching TV
Revealed a patent was filed by Microsoft last year about the company's plan to link the achievements and results with watching TV to take advantage of the system a terminal connect camera with Xbox device which monitors the behavior of TV viewers.
Does not provide patent details confirmed that Microsoft intends to provide such track record television viewers or monitor viewers to your Xbox 360 or Xbox Wen new, but this remains one of the examples that you can think of the company in order to increase its control over the home entertainment where no The device just Xbox gaming device only.
And Microsoft now allows viewers to interact with the ads via Connect terminal through a program known the NUads program name and which uses photosensitive Connect to allow users to publish ads on social networks.
And Microsoft had indicated in her speech about privacy with this advertising program that traditional TV viewing experience has become a thing of the past, where the TV does not allow the interaction of the viewer with what they watched. Microsoft has been considering adding the achievements of watching TV as a new way for the viewer to interact with the displays.
She wrote Microsoft that in order to increase the interactive viewing and encourage the user to watch videos more about a certain topic, the advantages of rewards and achievements may bind to these sections so that all you see more gets the points and rewards more may be gifts or digital discount coupons and others.
The viewer will receive rewards after ways, for example, can ask him to watch the entire series from beginning to end without any interruption in the episodes, or watch commercials within certain programs, or the work of a certain thing by the viewer.
Microsoft had focused too much on the potential of your Xbox Wen with the TV during the last conference, in addition to focus on the integration of sound and motion with the experience of watching TV.