TECH NEWS: PlayStation 4 in the year-end markets

Thursday, May 30, 2013

PlayStation 4 in the year-end markets

ps4ad PlayStation 4 in the year-end markets
Will reach a gaming platform Sony Playstation 4 to markets in the United Kingdom before the end of this year, according to the announcement published today business.
The Sony Corporation has said it is seeking to provide the device to launch in the holiday 2013 season, when the device officially launched last February, without giving any specific date or the markets in which the device will be available first.
In any case, Sony would not confirm if this was all in the United Kingdom will be accompanied by the launch in other markets around the world, or will launch a gradual starts from Japan after North America and Europe.
And expect sources to launch in the U.S. market in the upcoming holiday season, but all in Europe is expected to be delayed a little to early next year, and this is what happened with the PlayStation 3 when it was launched in three continents around the world in November 2006, it took until March 2007 to reach Europe , to a shortage of raw materials needed to manufacture the device, particularly CD Blue-ray.
It is noteworthy that Microsoft has launched a new games is Xbox One since the days of carrying a whole new design and features make it the closest thing to an entertainment device rather than integrated gaming device only.