TECH NEWS: Dear Wait .. Do not buy Laptop!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dear Wait .. Do not buy Laptop!

لاب توب عزيزي إنتظر.. ولا تشتري لاب توب!May think of you that this is the era of Notebook PC - Laptops - and I can not blame him because he wants a new device, but I have one review only to him: Wait a little, if you can hold out for just a few months, know that you are on your way to get all that is more than you desire of the specification.
There was always this question when buying anything, Mac or PC desktop? This time it does not matter!, Within a few weeks, all notebooks will get the upgrade radical and brilliant, this supply coming from Intel, and address new invitee Haswell, who will attend with him a list of improvements and features mouth-watering and worth the wait, such as:

Battery lasts all day

Battery life is a key element in the smart phone, which is caused cursed notebooks as well, and we are about to get a bunch of Milli amp, and we have to thank the real reason to make the next generation of notebooks have more battery power, we are talking about Ultra devices account for 24 working hours, or up to ten days in standby mode, is there currently is unprecedented in the market?

Performance is reasonable

The increase in battery life does not mean that at the expense of performance, but quite the opposite, processors Haswell allow for notebooks new work best performance possible that Imagine, despite the fact that all these details are still very few, but enough for us to inform you that the devices are coming that will be put forward during the next few months will be much faster and more powerful than you have now, with the battery lasts days, I think that you can be considered as a reward from Intel Hassan wait.

Graphics .. Awesome

When talking about developments in performance, Haswell will bring also brand new and awesome graphics, Iris Iris, thus inviting Intel, regardless of this name is Greek, is the best stages of those chips that have come in the past year, as is the case with the battery life, this not just a transition, but a big jump more than ever.
In short, the Iris mastery of new games, such as Modern Warfare 3 and Bioshock Infinite, and this of course without the use of discrete graphics card as is the case now, and can Iris production and processing of video clips from the category 4K, and that he thought some people that we need to wait a few years to see the clip the accuracy of clarity, do not worry, the future is always more than all the possibilities.

For Mac Mac lovers 

Dont hold your breath If you saw MacBook Air screen Rtina any time soon, but chances are that sure of getting a Mac Pro and Mac Air to upgrade Haswell in Developers Conference Apple to June of this year, and you should be able to request for charging then immediately hear this news.

And the public desktop PC 

Cause the release of Windows 8 in the past year in the secretion of a range of tablet PCs, which did not stop until now since that time, will not go away, but the efficiency Haswell make such panels media more reliable - as well as thinner - than it is now, was expected any one of a notebook turns into a tablet device?

If you are not interested in all of the above?

Also you should still wait! Even if you do not have no reason calling you to get new hardware, you forgotten something? It's fall and lower prices for older generations of notebooks, cut can not be described only when I see it.
Therefore, if you do not have a bit of patience and the ability to keep this amount of money for just one month or two months - and the latter is the best option for me - Regardless of what do you want .. It is worth the wait.