TECH NEWS: Apple keeps on its most expensive brand

Monday, May 27, 2013

Apple keeps on its most expensive brand

marketing week apple Apple keeps on its most expensive brand
Despite the decline in the share prices of Apple and bad news these days about the investigations with the company's director Tim Cook and other executives on tax evasion, but the company still maintains the first position of the brand top value.
This came in the order of Marketing Week, where estimated brand value of Apple's $ 185.071 million.
And explained that this value is calculated by multiplying the company's profits in the percentage of brand contribution which is determined as a percentage of the financial value of the company generated through the ability to create brand loyalty.
Marketing Week said that Apple has maintained the top of the standings because of the company's balance of power on the local and global levels, in addition to the diversity of the sectors where work while maintaining a strong brand as a company, and that's what makes it superior to its competitors.
It is noteworthy that the first three positions went to U.S. technology companies, after Apple Google came in second place, and later IBM.