TECH NEWS: Kakao Talk on personal computers soon

Friday, May 31, 2013

Kakao Talk on personal computers soon

kakao talk 520x245 Kakao Talk on personal computers soon
Users will be able to communicate Messaging application Kakao Talk talk directly with their friends on personal computers also add to the application of smart phones.
The company was launched last March, a trial version of the application for PCs, according to Yonhap News newspaper, the company announced that it will launch the first final version of the application in June. Where they work in the latter stages of it.
And users must register their devices and perform authentication and connectivity with Kakao Talk application before using the application. And the application of computers will receive a similar user interface for mobile application interface, including a list of friends, chat rooms, and notices.
And allow the application to communicate immediate Kakao Talk on various platforms smart phones Kalaifun the applications, Android, Samsung and Blackberry and Windows Phone.
It is noteworthy that the famous rival Viber application had made ​​a similar step where he launched the first copy of it to run on personal computers in addition to its application for smart phones.