TECH NEWS: All details about the design system iOS 7

Thursday, May 30, 2013

All details about the design system iOS 7

9to5mac site transfer specialist in Apple devices news leaks exclusive for the next operating system iOS 7 and is apparently consistent with flat designs that have been talked about earlier.
The sources indicate that the design of the new system will contain rich graphics dimensions, but on the contrary will be flat and contains elements in the user interface based on black and white.
The Apple company has appointed Deputy Director for Johnny how industrial designs on the task of redesigning the next operating system, a person who was responsible for the design of Apple products.
Johnny sees how the design of the current system relying on high graphics and designs at the same time different system applications may lead to user confusion.
Johnny wants to switch operating systems designs more than half a billion devices sold Apple design of which had been launched by Steve Jobs to more simplicity in design view.
iphone all the details about the system design iOS 7

Lock screen

Since the launch of the first iPhone phone in 2007 did not change the form of the lock screen of the device, which Johnny will work to change it, where will remove the transparent tape that shows the time and converts it to a black bar.
In addition, the panel enter unlock codes which are in the form of square grid, will be changed to a circular shape with black buttons, while the icons and text will be written in white with white edges. The notices will be improved in the lock screen so that it is handled through gestures.

notifictations all the details about the design system iOS 7


The Johnny how to inspire iOS system design team working with him to replace many of the floors inspired by the skin or linen, such as found in the Calendar application on iPad, where Sistbdelha the black and white colors and flat shape.
For example, the background of the current center notices in the iPhone contains several bold black lines, and in the next order of this design will turn to black or gray background and white text.
The system was tested iOS 7 includes paintings quick access to information, for example, in addition to weather and stock information, tested Apple add another widget to put it in the center of the notices, and some sources said that Apple tested add news feeds. Apple also tested an easier way for quick access to the WiFi network section and Flight Mode and Bluetooth.

screen shot 2013 05 23 at 12 40 42 pm all the details about the design system iOS 7

Home Screen

And the most important amendments to the icons in the home screen it will not be as shiny as is the case with the current system, there will be no light behind the icon, but the buttons will remain circular.
And the majority of the icons will be modified major Apple applications so that more flat, and will change and clear on the camera icon and images. While Center icon will be adjusted so that games chess pieces are removed and the green section of them.
And also been re-designed navigation bars and tabs so that the gradual effects has been removed for the colors of them. For example, the status bar will be less transparent than the current situation.
The keyboard also undergone some modification in the design so became contains color of gray light does not contain a shadow.
screen shot 2013 05 23 at 8 42 46 pm all the details about the design system iOS 7
Imagine design

Re-design applications

Add to home screen buttons, the majority of applications Apple got a redesign to fit with the black and white. For example, will be remove ripping influential when to delete any item in the application Passbook.
The design has also been a replacement for the application of yellow notes apply more than a flat white. I got mail and calendar applications and maps on the uniform appearance of flat white graphics.
While the basic elements of these applications are often painted white, but that each application received the distinctive color of the buttons. For example, is expected to get the Calendar application on the red buttons, while the messaging application will get the green buttons.
And will apply the new weather effects new to show that the weather was rainy or sunny or otherwise.
It is expected that the iPhone gets to apply its own FaceTime independently, such as iPad and iPod touch.

New features

While the greatest emphasis in the new system is to redesign all of its elements, but it will include some new features, too. Among them are expected to come to the integration with Flickr and Vimeo so that they can share photos and videos directly from the Photo Browser. In addition to supporting the status inside the car for maps and voice assistant Siri.


Apple is expected to launch the new version of the system to users' computers with a new phone iPhone in the autumn.