TECH NEWS: BlackBerry 10.2 preparing to launch

Monday, May 27, 2013

BlackBerry 10.2 preparing to launch

bb10 10.2 BlackBerry prepares for launchAlthough the updated BlackBerry reached 10.1 devices in just the past week, but the Canadian company - BlackBerry - is preparing to launch a new platform next, which is said to be 10.2 BlackBerry.
So far, no official confirmation of anything on this matter, but Michael Cluley - Product Manager for BlackBerry - share some of the details from the interview talks in this regard, BBM, and confirmed that the update is coming.
Apparently, the new version of the BlackBerry 10 beyond the first stage, as you know, only limited details are obtained.
Also made sure that the new system will feature multiple alerts, scheduling options are also to remember one of the important things or personal interviews.
There is no information about the launch date of the new platform, in spite of being ready for launch as reported, but may still be a long time out of sight, to reveal to us the rest of the details later.