TECH NEWS: Google adds Roll It and Racer games to Chrome browser

Friday, May 31, 2013

Google adds Roll It and Racer games to Chrome browser

Chrome Experiments Racer جوجل تضيف لعبتي Roll It وRacer إلى متصفح كرومGoogle! Google! Google! Remind a lot during the next few days, and now the company has added two experiments two new Chrome browser, is to add to  Reault Rool It and Racer Racer, designed so to shed light on what it is capable upon the browser that is doing these days, is interesting about the two games, they both require more than device to do the play.
In one case, it is possible that the phone is controlled, and the rest phones or tablet devices if lined up next to each other, is made through a joint desktop - if it is somewhat difficult imagination saw it in the next two sections.


Explained Google it with a game raiser, you can create an image similar to race tracks cars, through the alignment of portable devices next to each other, are up to five screens are portable, and moving cars through all those screens, not when a rider is only one.
Google has offered raiser game at IO conference for developers, and it was intended to highlight the capabilities of the Google platform on the Internet and mobile devices.

Roll It

Google said about the game roll it as well as a game of inside your browser using your your mobils phones and computers - desktop or notebook - and are using the phone for the correction, while the full-screen main be present on the desktop or notebook.
Those games and similar works thanks to WebSockets, which enables browsers to maintain the relationship between them and the servers, which is not possible of course with the technique HTTP, someone said to me, "I will not fall in love with this company, which is obtained billions just two games on the browser," and the answer "Google is obtained billions your love or without" .. This is the reality.