TECH NEWS: Oprah quotes Chrome interface characteristics Opera

Friday, May 31, 2013

Oprah quotes Chrome interface characteristics Opera

Opera Company yesterday launched the fifteenth version of your browser, desktop computers, the first version works on the WebKit engine after it abandoned its former Presto engine.
The browser received good HTML5 test result as achieved between 404 to 433 points out of 500 points in this test. This means that he has achieved a good advantage in the treatment of web pages through its dependence on the new engine and therefore it was a wise decision to abandon its previous engine.
Opera will benefit from the WebKit engine as it suffers much less address the problems web pages, so this will help them to improve their market share in the global spread in the browser market.
And used the eighth version of the Opera engine JavaScript in your browser, which means it will compromise performance and similar to the Google Chrome browser achieved, and will depend future versions of the Opera browser on the new engine browsers derived a Blink.
And with the conduct of the Opera in the footsteps of Chrome, they will give similar interfaces using him and is derived from the addition to the new jobs do not depend on the browser, such as chat, mail and other reduces the rate of data exchange and communication between the browser and servers.
The previous versions of the browser, which depends on the Presto engine allows the user to change the look of the browser via templates and features, but the current version lets change the background image of the new tabs page.
Does not need it for a lot of effort so we note striking similarity between the design opera new and Chrome browser, where he became a user can search directly from the address bar, which offer Chrome since its inception, as has been the transfer page browser settings to tab opens in a new page instead of the dialog box, as there is not a status bar just as with Chrome.
However appear to be prohibiting Oprah touch design exist where there is a button opera at the top of the left that displays the browser lists as it is in the Firefox browser.
speed dial 640x515 Oprah quotes Chrome interface characteristics Opera
The new page displays three main sections, the first Speed ​​Dial and displays a list of large icons to pages you visit on a regular basis, as you can organize those sites and icons within folders.
stash 640x515 Oprah quotes Chrome interface characteristics Opera
And the second section stash an alternative for favorite opera, where clicking on them show favorite pages installed in a new way and you can also search for any page you have added to favorites for easy access and through print any keywords contained therein.
Opera discover 640x515 quoting Chrome interface characteristics Opera
And the final section, a Discover where it displays a list of content and customizable news, which depend on a variety of sources based on the method of browsing and Interests and location.
There is also the status of Off Road on the status of developed Turbo mode which you press the web pages so that reduces the volume of data required downloading speeds Processing time and also provides online bill you if you are working on a limited plan or third-generation communication.
Finally, Opera may be lost some of the functionality provided by the new engine, but it has benefited from the advantages of WebKit engine where consensual gives the highest of web pages and a top speed of treatment and thus new competitive advantages may help them to improve their share.