TECH NEWS: Study: tablet sales reach more than 250 million tablet this year

Monday, May 27, 2013

Study: tablet sales reach more than 250 million tablet this year

We know that tablet devices as far as popularity and spread, but they are exposed to a real turning point, according to a study carried out by the company NPD and companies other research, that tablet devices will exceed notebooks with respect to sales, as well as research Digi Times DigiTimes is also witnessing a huge jump, with expectations for sales of tablet devices This year up to more than 250 million tablet.
A study on lower sales of tablet devices in the market study: Tablet sales reach more than 250 million tablet this yearNPD says that the year 2013 will see a 67% increase in sales of tablet devices and on an annual basis, which may be up to 256.500,000 tablet sold in 2013.
It is expected to continue this growth to reach 579,400,000 in 2017 tablet, meanwhile, is expected to continue the notebook market is relatively stable as far as total sales, but will become the most sales during the next three years or so for those devices that touch.
The research Digi Times has similar numbers in the outlook, saying that the tablet will see an increase 63.9% in sales on the basis of yearly to reach 254 million tablet, including the 73 million device iPad, and 82.4 million for other companies - Samsung, Microsoft, Google and Asus ... etc. - and 98.6 million tablet does not have a registered trademark.
Some see that the future is next for tablet devices, and others think that it is still far on the tablet devices to reach the status of notebooks, and the lack of minority think that Faisal them is the lack of floppy drive! Vlikhberna one of you is a team with any of these?