TECH NEWS: Twitter winning the first round against companies annoying ads

Friday, May 31, 2013

Twitter winning the first round against companies annoying ads

spam twitter twitter winning the first round against companies annoying adsTwitter, mini-blogging site won another round against companies that send Entries annoying ad - Spam bot spammers - by the settlement of a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in San Francisco.
According to the document presented in court, the Twitter settlement of litigation ongoing with TweetAdder, a marketing company for those software nagging, to be one of the five defendants who were named in a series of lawsuits filed by Twitter in the past year, according to the settlement, will TweetAdder and employees to stop practices which constitute a violation of the Terms of Service with twitter.
TweetAdder has agreed not to participate in any "establishment, development, manufacture, rental, sale, or license, or update, or distribution" services to any company that deals with Twitter.
As we know that Twitter is not a completely free software from unwanted to now, but he seems to have taken an important step in cleaning schedules you, and while she was TweetAdder is the first company to have fallen into the trap of conditions of service Twitter to fall in the prosecution, was the first to have been This monument ambush him is TweetBuddy company with a series of lawsuits, everyone is now working to settle things with Twitter, everyone knows, of course, that winning is twitter ally if it came to court.
After all, it is a good decision from Twitter to be a step toward big changing on the platform of micro-blogging, and in our interest to be sure, but if one of you as possible selling of followers or the like, it may seek a settlement with Twitter from now; its function is coming!