TECH NEWS: Internet Explorer 11 will support the WebGL standard

Monday, May 27, 2013

Internet Explorer 11 will support the WebGL standard

microsoft uses vine video to tease internet explorer 11 webgl support انترنت اكسبلورر 11 سيدعم معيار WebGL

Showed the recent leaks of Windows 8.1 that will come the 11 version of the Internet Explorer browser will support WebGL standard famous soon, and today published Microsoft Tip confirm this on the Vine support for the exchange of short video.
And published Microsoft at the expense of your browser official Web Vine short clip shows two versions of the browser, the first talk of a second which is a copy of Internet Explorer 10, and tell her why after HTML5, then wonder Is WebGL, then the logo appears browser and underneath it the word Modern any trendy, what suggests that keep pace with Microsoft in the browser, and will provide support for this standard in the next version.
And design standard WebGL to facilitate the display graphics a private three-dimensional on the browser directly and the possibility of agitated and recycled from various angles without the need for additives external, and the importance of supporting this standard where it can become a browser able to enter the three-dimensional games and play them directly.
He was formerly apologized Microsoft support engineers WebGL Due to the security gaps that may appear difficult for the company to look for ways to fill them.
There are many uses for WebGL standard more than games, Google has used to integrate maps with Google Earth service the new version of the maps provided in the recent developers conference.
And Microsoft is preparing to reveal more details about its next operating system and Internet Explorer browser 11 developers at an event to be held next month, where Microsoft will try to connect with Windows and Windows Phone with Xbox somehow.