TECH NEWS: Update Google Drive application design and offers new features

Monday, May 27, 2013

Update Google Drive application design and offers new features

scan 730x686 updated Google Drive application design and offers new features
Google has launched a new update for the application of service to Cloud Drive storage on Android so comes a new design based on the show in the form of cards and new features, the most important of scan documents.
It seems clear that Google began the adoption of the design of the cards in the various services, especially after he changed the design of the Google Plus network and become exposed in the form of publications cards.
It can transfer files through the clouds, and also will display files like you were from the Photo Browser viewing and Navigation them.
And allows the application to download a copy of any file to be browsed without connecting to the Internet, and this feature is available on Android version 3.0 and higher.
He received the application on the Scan scanning option which allows the user to conduct a survey and take a picture of any text document in front of him, and then relying on OCR technology can be converted to digital format and save it on the form of a PDF file. It is a quick way benefit using camera Kmash phone projector.
Finally, new features were added in editing the spreadsheet, so you can now modify the font type and size for spreadsheets as well as the color for the texts in the cells and a process of alignment of the content of the cell directly from the application.
The new update can be downloaded directly from the Google Play store.