TECH NEWS: Linked offering new exploration upper bar

Monday, May 27, 2013

Linked offering new exploration upper bar

globalnav 1024x72 Linked offering new exploration upper bar
In an effort to simplify the user interface as much as possible on the various platforms, whether web or smart phone applications, the LinkedIn network detects for the latest updates, a navigation bar and matching new top.
The network says it has analyzed data users browse for many years previous to identify the optimal shape appropriate for this tape, where based on the results of the analysis were selected any links are placed on the tape so that the most important thing the user needs.
And also put Linked search bar in a prominent place takes the middle of the new exploration bar.
The tape displays links for direct access and easy access to the user's home page so that it reads the latest publications of the people associated with friendship, as well as a link to this page so that you can access it or click on the option from the drop-down menu to edit.
It is the Network option can have easy access to various contacts, or add contacts with new destinations.
The option Jobs It allows browse a proposed list of jobs for you based on your interests, and you can search for other jobs of the page for displaying functions.
Finally, from the list of Interests publications can be accessed companies or influential groups or individuals.
And start typing a word in the search bar will display a list of proposals to choose from.
There are also icons to access messages, notifications and requests for new friendship.
And file it with down the page to the bottom, the new tape will disappear and remains only the search bar, so you do not need to move to the top of the page for the search, but you can type the search words in any position of the page.