TECH NEWS: Samsung Bremer 2013 conference on June 20 called new devices

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Samsung Bremer 2013 conference on June 20 called new devices

Samsung Galaxy and ATIV Event for June 20 مؤتمر سامسونج بريمر 2013 في 20 يونيو يطلق اجهزة جديدةSeems to South Korea - Samsung - is preparing to unveil some new hardware to the world before the end of this quarter of the year.
The company has published a set of images on its Internet site, noting at the same time to a special conference is scheduled to take place in 20 of the next month of June in London, and Samsung has already begun the deployment of images at the expense of the Twitter site.
So far, Samsung did not provide any specific information about what will happen or what is coming but it revealed for new devices coming series Galaxy Galaxy Ativ ATIV, and so we can guess that the one being followed by the Android platform and the other falls and Windows Phone devices.
In this next conference, which is named Samsung Bremer 2013 Samsung Premiere, will be highlighted on smartphones, and will begin Conference 20 June at exactly seven o'clock pm London time - ie in the ninth pm GMT - and despite the fact that the information as reported is still limited in this regard , followed us a news conference Samsung Bremer 2013 for further updates.