TECH NEWS: WordPress celebrates 10 years of its foundation

Thursday, May 30, 2013

WordPress celebrates 10 years of its foundation

wordpress 10th anniversay WordPress celebrates 10 years of its foundation
On 27 May 2003 was Matt Mullenweg and his colleagues content management software WordPress as an open source project aims to facilitate the deployment and management of content, and then began this platform to achieve success and stunning times download numbers are growing increasingly with every new version they issue.
And until last April was download the latest version of WordPress 18 million times a day on more than 60 million Internet site, and more than 22% of all new sites that appear on the network is using PHP and WordPress.
WordPress allows for people to opening-scale personal blogs and WordPress free easy opportunity in front of millions around the world to start their first experience around the blogosphere.
And then if they wish those moving to host their own, they can easily export the blog they founded to a new code of their own managed via WordPress itself.
One of the most important tools that have helped WordPress on the global spread is the large amount of additives that the developers Bermojtaha to make better use of the platform, where today there are more than 24 thousand Add can be downloaded from the WordPress database.
There is no doubt that WordPress contributed in changing the lives of millions by facilitating the process of publishing content and code friendship with the search engines and the speed of the archive.