TECH NEWS: Yahoo is seeking to buy Hulu

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yahoo is seeking to buy Hulu

Marissa mayer flickr 5 1024x766 ياهو تسعى إلى شراء Hulu
After a few days the news of acquisition of Yahoo blogging platform famous "Templar" After the yesterday purchased the company PlayerScal competent in games Here are today's communication and hard to change course and onto the ladder of success step by step based on the experiences of Marissa Mayer with the previous search giant Google According to the latest reports that have been published in various technical locations indicating that Yahoo is increasing these days for buy Hulu TV site, who requested amount will not be less than one billion U.S. dollars.
And anyone who does not know this famous site is one of the largest platforms video and provides a wide range of television programs to millions of users as it has the advantage of monthly subscription to view the programs that you need to pay to mention the money that comes to him through ads revenues site of not less than $ 700 million as it accounts for about 400 million members.
It is noteworthy that Yahoo is facing many difficulties that hinder the possession of this site, it faces fierce competitors such as Time Warner and DTV and News Corp., seeking in any way to buy Hulu.