TECH NEWS: Chrome 27 speeds up the loading and fills more than 10 security flaws

Monday, May 27, 2013

Chrome 27 speeds up the loading and fills more than 10 security flaws

chrome 27 chrome 27 download speeds and blocked more than 10 security flaws
Issued the final version 27 of the Chrome web browser for Windows systems and Mac and Linux and holds a number of new features, the most important of speed in loading pages, 5% higher compared with the previous versions.
The second new feature is a software interface to synchronize the system files, the software interface for cloud storage applications without the need to connect to the Internet, where will synchronize data stored on various devices via Chrome 27 browser with Google Drive service for cloud storage.
There are a number of minor improvements, such as improving the predictability and spell correction, and a number of improvements to predictions Omnibox.
And finally bridge the gap 14, including 11 security loophole described above are dangerous and 2 medium-risk and low-risk one.
These gaps were the result of generous bonuses paid by Google to security experts, reaching more than $ 14,633.70 just for gaps carried Bsdha in this version, in addition to several security flaws has Bsdha in previous versions.
Of course, according to the silent updates policy does not require you a thing Valmtcefh procedure that updates itself, or you can access the settings, and then manually search for a new update and the inauguration.