TECH NEWS: Twitter allow targeting tweeters who Tags for Advertising on TV

Monday, May 27, 2013

Twitter allow targeting tweeters who Tags for Advertising on TV

TV ads Dashboard image 1024x722 تويتر تتيح استهداف المغردين الذين شاهدو اعلان على التلفزيون
Announced network Twitter for providing a product ad new specification that enables advertisers to target users who sing for their advertising business, which appeared on television, in a move them to take advantage of advertising on TV so that allows companies to start advertising campaigns on Twitter and thus be advertised on television continues on Twitter does not end soon the end of the ad.
Will benefit Twitter from the large number of users who sing about things appeared on the TV, there are more than 32 million people had tweeted about programs or events appeared on television, such as the championship Super Bowl has 24 million people tweeted about them, as well as TV and program American Idol reaped 5.8 million people publish Tweets about.
And starting today enabled Twitter target tweeters who publish Tweets about commercials appeared on television, and will start with a sample of the companies that launched advertising campaigns on American television channels.
This method will enable advertisers to mix their advertising strategies to come out of the TV channel and follow on twitter achieves more effective targeting.
And provided a new control panel for advertisers on this product, so that it displays the time period specified to the company where the ads appeared on TV.
Twitter used special techniques to identify the video after you got them possession of the company Bluefin Labs, and these technologies will determine the time period and geographical area in which any company showcased its declaration on the TV without having to enter the advertiser and the work of any manual procedures.
When the commercial is broadcast through any program on TV, Twitter determines the time and the geographical area that saw the ad, and can identify users who have published on the site Tweets related to either the program that they see and back through advertising, or advertising itself.
Statistics indicate that 64% of Twitter users on their smartphones to communicate over the network and Twitter as they sat in front of the television in their homes.