TECH NEWS: Microsoft conference: everything you want to know about Xbox Wen

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Microsoft conference: everything you want to know about Xbox Wen

0 Microsoft conference: everything you want to know about Xbox Wen
Since eight years and nine days ago, Microsoft launched the world's Xbox 360 on May 12, 2005, and today, we see the next step the new world of gaming: Xbox Wen Xbox One.
It is clear that Microsoft hopes to dominate the new generation of the Xbox on the market gaming platforms, through new features, such as hardware Kinect and optimization capabilities of Xbox Live, let's see highlights revealed by our technology giant in today's conference dedicated to the newborn of the new Xbox.
Beginning, today's conference is supposed to be for one hour only, no shorter than that done by Sony in the process of PlayStation 4, which means that there must be a HUGE bouquet of information packaged in a very short time, and I had the impression badly in this regard.

Entertainment device "all in one"

And also holds the title of meaning, Microsoft said at the conference that Xbox new offers everything you want from the audio files or movies or whatever it likes user, this means that the new generation going to focus heavily on entertainment, he said, Don Matrick - Head of Department Microsoft's interactive entertainment - that the Xbox 360 is the leader in the field of entertainment, because the players always Accelerating to the adoption of new technologies.
And the new generation focuses on the different types of content, use of new technology, to be in the end it is a home entertainment system "all-in-one."
13 Microsoft conference: everything you want to know about Xbox Wen

A new method to control

Which is called "Xbox Online" Xbox on, and through it you can control the device through voice commands, and the new simulation system considered technical splendor, which allows users to new control methods such as zooming in and out through the movements of the hands.
You also you can integrate your TV you with Xbox Wen through the property, "Watch TV", and the spectacular side of it is the ability to switch quickly transition from movies to TV to games and browse anything else.
22 Microsoft conference: everything you want to know about Xbox Wen

Snap Mode

You can use the put Snap Mode to use Windows 8 (all versions); to run another application while viewing your film you, or television, or game that Talbunha, which add another stunning, not only to browse the movies while watching them, but also take a tour of the games on during play.
Oh I forgot Skype! Skype so you can use it while watching a movie or playing a game, splendor.
32 Conference Microsoft: everything you want to know about Xbox Wen

Watching TV

Microsoft has also added TV guide, with settings adjust wonderful Alknki, which seems to me more accurate than the current controls, now you can go to any channel or program through the Xbox Guide TV.

Hardware and updates

There are three things been updated XBOX 1 exoskeleton and internal gear, and new accessories such as Connect and Smart Glass, and Xbox Live new.
4 Microsoft conference: everything you want to know about Xbox WenA total renovation of Xbox Live, and the orbit is currently 15 thousand server, but Microsoft is trying to reach the number of servers this year to 300 thousand server, which makes access to all audio and video files and games from anywhere, you forgot to say about Capacity Storage 500 GB and 8 GB of RAM and an eight-core processor and support for Blu-ray? I do not think so!
Controllers carry many new features, too, such as the ability to send your designers in the right games, as well as the case with Smart Glass new and got several promotions, to operate as an integral part of the platform new games, and not just accessory, as was the case previously.

Connect new

Connect the new sensor has a 1080p, was the expansion of the field sensor by 60%, and with the use of infrared, and Microsoft claims that it works in complete darkness.
51 Microsoft conference: everything you want to know about Xbox WenAs well as the 1080p Connect special sensors, can reveal the balance of the user, or read his heart while practicing sports or the like of those things, and we should not forget DVR sharing tool by which we can pick up parts of the game and share them.

Microsoft's partnership with EA

The company EA is making efforts and innovations with new Microsoft Xbox Live with new games coming, such as FIFA 14, Madden 25 Maden 25, MLS pro NBA Live 14, and UFC, which will be released all in the next 12 months, EA promised that it will change all styles Playing usual. So with the new gaming engine EA Sports Ignite.
EA Sports Ignite makes things play look more realistic, and gives details of the strongest 10 of the animation, do not forget the moves in sports seemed more lively, and will not tell you about FIFA 14 and we've seen of the demos, we saw many movements brilliant, complex, and that we can not see them one way or another on the current hardware.
71 Microsoft conference: everything you want to know about Xbox Wen

Exclusive Games

It is clear that there are some exclusive games coming across studios Microsoft, there are 15 games coming to the Xbox Wen during this year, and will be eight new games too, with some well-known gaming such as Forza Motorsport 5, which looked awesome too, it seems that Microsoft is trying to focus more on new ways to play.
We saw as well as a new game from Remedy - Her Games Max Payne series - called Quantum Break, which offers some options that control existing in the virtual world around the player, we saw some parts of the game, but did not clear the story a lot.
I conclude this part as he loves the players, all parts of the Call of Duty will be available for download and play on the Xbox Wen.

New future

This is what we were hoping to watch from Microsoft, we saw new: Connect, wonderful games engine, improved graphics - though the eyes of the characters still to me like the eyes of the dead! - Methods of home entertainment over the world, sharing services with cloud services.
Now, Are you going to buy the new Xbox Wen? Or Stantzeron the PlayStation 4 in order to do a fair comparison? Wait for your answer.