TECH NEWS: Socialpalz: Linked .. Arabic

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Socialpalz: Linked .. Arabic

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Social Pulse Socialpalz , draft a new e and ambitious team Yemeni creator, headed by Said al-Faqih - Founder and Executive Director of the project - and the definition of the social Pulse, is a platform for social networking allows users to share their ideas, interests and opinions of all the terms of their social life quite easily by type of interests social.
See Maher Almrmaki - co-founder of social Pulse - that the most important problems that the site address them is how to get the information accurately, explains that the service is new social feature system intelligent publish the subjects and share them with others via "Categories", where she works recent collection and linking All posts and activities carried out by users of the network and displayed each category is classified separately by type of topic or interest and publish shared by users, it is possible to use as a reference or as a quick source of user information.
Another advantage talked about Mohammed Nasser - Director of Marketing social Pulse - a contribution to social service new employment opportunities both for those looking for a job or companies seeking employees, so by visiting the page career opportunities, or "Classification" at the site, as well as cares site for job seekers to submit the data page of their own as a model brief biography; to enable them to display their information is characteristically to provide the most appropriate jobs, as well as direct communication with companies seeking employees with advanced.
I will speak from my personal opinion as a writer, I love and salute all those who on the Arab project on the World Wide Web, especially if it existed social networks Arab trying to implement some good ideas, for social Pulse, I see it based on the idea of ​​site Linked but this time with the support of the Arabic language, free of charge , all considered of good things and even brilliant, relying on the idea of ​​the network - or networks - social with creativity be a new idea, but the team should not forget that the site is in the end is a social network and not in the specialty, so they reconsider the size ads that do not fit those criteria known social networks.
In sum, social Pulse is a social site Yemeni Arab, is still going through stages of continuous development, and add services and other features to expand the network further, We salute for the new experience, but remember we are still waiting for them better than we are seeing now; to talk about the advantages and new developments have been added of the site, but in another article, God willing.