TECH NEWS: Foxconn to join the system after slowing Firefox Apple

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Foxconn to join the system after slowing Firefox Apple

firefox zte 1024x576 Foxconn to join the system after slowing Firefox Apple
Firefox-based phone from ZTE Corporation
Foxconn group confirmed that it joined the alliance Firefox to make mobile devices running open-source Firefox.
There will be two companies told a news conference on the third of June to announce the official for this alliance, also is expected to reveal Foxconn for a new phone running Firefox, but it is not yet clear whether the phone will carry the brand Foxconn or to sign another company manufactured by Foxconn for her as you do with devices Apple.
And quoted by the Wall Street Journal that the company Foxconn, which makes Apple devices, especially phones iPhone will be several similar steps that will grow the company into the field beyond contract manufacturing for the third party as they are now.
Foxconn is seeking to diversify their areas of work, especially after the strong competition faced by Apple is one of the most important companies that make devices to Foxconn calculated.
Foxconn said that with the growth of large manufacturing capabilities in the company, and the limited growth of greater demand for the company's customers - ie, Apple -, Foxconn needs to expand actively and effectively to cover new customers to help increase the size of the company's manufacturing.
In addition to making devices for other companies, the Foxconn plans to start manufacturing accessories and peripherals its brand own such as headsets and keyboards and cables, so that the company is considering the launch of production line to cut and terminals belonging to the system iOS, as well as considering the company's cloud computing and software applications and own retail stores as a way to increase the company's profit margin rather than relying solely on manufacturing for other companies.