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Introduction to Webmaster Tools Google Webmaster tools

When you look at corporate profits technological famous we find a substantial income and the big profits generated by these companies, for example, and when you consider the Fortune 500, we find that the profits of Google Inc., up to 11005 million U.S. dollars, equivalent to 1.1 billion billion net profit for the department The first of 2013 and perhaps the reason behind this huge amount of profits is the facilities and services offered by the company for all its users. We will talk here about one of the most important services provided by Google Inc., for all users, especially owners of websites, a service Google Webmaster tools or what is known in Arabic Webmaster Tools.

How to add site in Webmaster Tools

  • After logging on your account page in your Webmaster Tools Click on Add site Add your site and you will see the following chart:
Screen Shot 2013 11 29 at 08.04.04 300x121 مقدمة عن ادوات مشرفي المواقع Google Webmaster tools
  • Fill in the URL in this section and then begin the process of proving ownership of the site by copying the HTML code to be added at the site in Webmaster Tools

How to benefit from Webmaster Tools:

The Alastvad of this service is very large in terms of which you can learn that the number of pages archived in Google over time any knowledge of the amount of the increase in the archive in your site search engine in detail in all the history of time.That section by clicking on the Google index and choose the index status
As for the messages that are sent to you via Webmaster Tools In a mostly negative news, either due to suspension or archiving in your Android because of the inability to enter into your site ... etc..
Offering you this service in the Department of search traffic many services can pursue when you log in to the sub-section in search queries see keywords that introduces visitors to your site through printed on the search engine ranking depending on the number of impressions for the site in the search engines when you print the word in Google . Or may be arranged depending on the number of clicks on your site when they are printed in the search engine. The ID can also CTR click through rate per word, which is a division of the number of clicks on the number appearing in the search engine and thus ID and meaningful words that represent users slide the desired focus. This process makes it easy to choose the words that will focus on when you are in the process of improving the search engines.
Screen Shot 2013 11 29 at 08.40.48 95x300 مقدمة عن ادوات مشرفي المواقع Google Webmaster tools
The department can also search traffic when you log in to the sub-section links to your site that links to recognize your site from other sites Awaltakd a link to your site and other sites you can see the thread between the most famous sites.
As for the section Crawlers It helps you know which pages where Google is facing a problem in archiving. Besides knowing the number of pages a day and can Almarhh through this section to make sure that there are no any problems in any archive page manually.
In the end, explaining what we have is just the tip of the iceberg to offer this service to webmasters in general. But I want here to try as much as possible to do the process of simplification of how this service for website owners, that this service is constantly evolving, and with each update, we find many of the additions are Google Inc., putting in order to make it easier for website owners the process of assessing their positions and give them a broader vision of how to work sites and archived.

Reload new Twitter ... a threat to the leadership of Watts's father and the entry of new market

Twitter users received in the past two days, the new update to the application on both IOS and Android, which contained a number of important updates, and most important of which was the possibility of sending images in private messages between users for the first time since the launch of Twitter.
Added this may seem to add Tabaieih Twitter user to communicate with followers and friends more, but for those interested in technology and cognitive Alastmar it emphasizes a lot of news and rumors about the intention to break into the market for Twitter Watts father for immediate talks.
This new amendment in the design allows for the first time to get most of the services of Twitter one screen. It also makes it easier to navigate between pages and accounts as soon as scrolling from right to left, which indicates that Twitter may offer in the future new options allow users to add more than one line Zamani users in a way resembles the lists from which the user can navigate through menus easily.
Additions which also saw her some users around the world is the emergence of a list of options within the tab "alerts" that allows users to select the alerts received options for everyone or just friends or notaries (in case they are themselves bound),
img 3029 169x300 تحديث تويتر الجديد ... تهديد لزعامة واتس أب ودخول لسوق جديدة
As the application today to alert users if the user logs into a dialogue with another user, as in the image below.
img 3027 169x300 تحديث تويتر الجديد ... تهديد لزعامة واتس أب ودخول لسوق جديدة
In spite of the presence of a large number of other updates that have been added to the latest update, but that most of the updates to indicate the existence of a clear goal with Twitter to enter the software market private conversation and not just the current situation as a platform in general. As the market is witnessing chat programs stiff competition among a large number of programs Koats father, Line, and Cake. According to statistics, the different Twitter today has more than 230 million users around the world, while the number of users and the father of Watts to more than 350 million users. It means that before Twitter more work to compete in the field of messaging applications and conversation. And certainly succeeded in that Twitter Add ideas and services Watts father, will become the main player and perhaps the only one in the field of conversation and correspondence public and private unopposed.

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You will have to pay $ 6 million that you do not recognize on the CAN-SPAM

spam1 will have to pay $ 6 million that did not recognize the CAN SPAM
A lot of time is wasted in reviewing e-mails, where Gel wasted this time to cancel the spam or the so-called spam or (SPAM).
It has been said that "  time is gone, if not go Qtek "
With the adoption of big world on the Internet in their lives and their work, and the use of e-mail in the back of the so-called pal Spam SPAM or Junk ) , which exploits in the habit of using lists of e-mail without permission of the owners where he became a major problem with the untouched this Spam, The escalating the complaint by users of e-mail to this dilemma, on the one hand and the growing seriousness of the other hand and use them in the destruction of electronic systems and a tool in piracy .. We all remember the  message  ( I love you ),  which  amounted to the  loss  of hundreds of  millions  of  dollars .
Thus, I found most of the countries need to put an end to this problem is difficult, where Congress passed the 2003 U.S. law punishable by senders of spam and the perpetrators of the loss of times people, and it is prescribed this law, how and when and methods of sending emails to customers in the form of trade, and explains the legal requirements when sending mail campaigns electronic commercial, where he was on that law
(Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act of 2003) or Shortcut of (CAN-SPAM) .
And to clarify the law, which will impose sanctions on companies or individuals who violate the law, which is also compatible with some or most of the techniques used in the prevention of spam from reaching where he focused heavily on the following:
  • This law gives the right to either the federal government or any person affected by the spam to initiate legal action and prosecution violated the rights provided and described in this law.
  • This law is based on financial penalties and fines, although there are some laws that end up sentence them to jail as results associated with the damage resulting from the violation.
  • The penalties can the Act (CAN-SPAM) that up to the limit of 6 million dollars Mptdoh from $ 250 for each electronic message sent
  • Define these penalties depending on the intentions of the sender and the ways sent and the content of those messages, and other factors that influence and give the right of the final decision and the value of the sentence to the judge, as well as on the quality of the case and the extent of the damage quo.
Of course, this law applies throughout the United States.
But what are the lessons learned from this law:
The time the price can not be calculated, nor can his appreciation to those who tried to give this time its value, and therefore deliberately communities to try to take advantage of this time as much as possible and punish those who do not estimate the time and, unfortunately, the Arab societies are not estimated and does not give the right time, even though our religion ( Islam), Lobel and all religions have focused on time and made him the basics of life and faith.
There are few Arab countries have tried to seek legislation regulating labor-mail Bdziat simple, but lost its attempts timidly and far from the full application, because such a legislation requiring compatibility with the rest of the laws trader, in addition to the serious application of the law to everyone and not be tolerated in it.

What fate Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2? Success or failure again

HT surface2 992 ml 130923 16x9 و ما مصير Surface 2 Surface Pro 2?  النجاح أم الإخفاق مجددا
Alice failure early success?
A few days before the farewell Steve Ballmer of Microsoft in a historic speech written with tears and studded with screaming nostalgia to the tune of the end of the march distinctive successes and failures as well, the company announced the U.S. that should change the world by its Executive Director, who became the last of the Ohieddin two Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 to be another so what was announced in the era of man for as long as exposure to Criticized for because of his candor and  automate this man.
I'm not here to talk about Steve Ballmer as an income history, and not talking about the CEO next and has dealt with it in a previous article entitled " Who will replace Steve Ballmer at Microsoft? "Yes, I'm not here also to propose solutions to the Rescue crisis Ouhaat Alservs advertised ago almost a year and have written about it in an article urges the title " How can Microsoft to criticize Tablet Surface RT? ", but we are here to know from the outset the fate Allohieddin new Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2, you will achieve great success to be added to the record Steve Ballmer more successes? Or that failure once again Will suffer to be important next CEO of the company launch curses on American predecessor!
From the beginning I would like to emphasize that I am not Sighted for the future and I'm not Baalam unseen, just give you the art through logic, experience and analysis in an article I will try to zap it from the question pulp: What are the advantages and characteristics of deadly brought by each of the Surface Pro 2 Surface 2 and that persuade Gesma to the world the necessity of their experience?
It features eight oh owners ... helps me for Gesmah result will reach referred to Gesma the review in the next lines.
 stronger ... faster processors in performance
clip image006 5EC9AC70 و ما مصير Surface 2 Surface Pro 2?  النجاح أم الإخفاق مجددا
Compared  these releases the former Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 become the best in terms of performance incredibly At the time, we find that the first coming with a Core i5 processor fourth generation, which offers great speed in the implementation and support of multiple tasks as required, and also on the conservative energy consumed we find that the Surface 2 also comes processor Nvidia Tegra 4 better version of last year as it was carrying a first version of Tegra 3 also means more impressive performance ... It's Ouhaat great in this regard is supported processors graphical make the gaming experience it is better than ever.
       Walkers wonderful ... stronger and better
clip image010 651313AF و ما مصير Surface 2 Surface Pro 2?  النجاح أم الإخفاق مجددا
Supports Tablet Surface Pro 2 bras to make it seem a laptop for work and for use in writing and work on offices, and is the same which also applies to the previous version, but the difference here they include Tlath USB 2.0 ports, USB 3.0 port in addition to the speakers side with available for many other possibilities.
       a large area of cloud storage free for two years
clip image012 5BB9DF2C ما مصير Surface 2 و Surface Pro 2 ؟ النجاح أم الإخفاق مجددا
Cloud storage has become of the features necessary to support all the hardware, and it is known that the majority of global services in this regard provide spaces are free, do not reach Gesma to 200 GB for free and for a period of two years and this is what provides Microsoft with its service SkyDrive built-in two Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2, this would allow for individuals and even companies invested in order to store files and data.
     Arrival the running  Windows 8.1
clip image006 5EC9AC70 و ما مصير Surface 2 Surface Pro 2?  النجاح أم الإخفاق مجددا
Both Allohieddin will work operating system Windows 8.1 the latest from Microsoft, which I consider to be one of the best operating systems developed by the American company and has dealt with it in an article titled " Is restores Windows 8.1 glory for Microsoft in the operating systems of computers and Allouhaat? ", which means they will be devices better than other competitors that do not support Windows from the original 8 let alone the newer version.
5 - the       support   in terms of data transfer
clip image014 247357F1 و ما مصير Surface 2 Surface Pro 2?  النجاح أم الإخفاق مجددا
It is known that USB 3.0 is the fastest currently in the data transfer and shared between two devices, well of excellent that both the Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 Idamana and is what provides users to transfer large files in size in a few seconds to devices supported by USB 3.0.
      better batteries ... for a larger work
ba1650ee 8882 46c3 8142 5df4119007d9 what fate Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2?  Success or failure again
Battery life remains a problem on the table in any device today, everyone would like to use Allouhaat for long hours without having to be shipped after every few hours of use, it was less for earlier versions of Service, today Surface Pro 2 came battery improved by 75 percent compared to the previous version, from On the other hand Surface 2 battery improved by 25 percent, and with Arrival the new processors, sophisticated and non-energy-consuming significantly, it remains the answer is that the duration work on both Allohieddin of the will be the largest.
7 -       greater speed compared majority Allouhaat and laptops.
clip image018 6A86A5B5 و ما مصير Surface 2 Surface Pro 2?  النجاح أم الإخفاق مجددا
We know that the previous version of the Surface Pro was equipped with a random memory size of 4 GB now came Surface Pro 2 the first two versions of random memory size of 4 GB and 8 GB size and is meant to be the best in terms of speed but generally provides both Allohieddin on the latest processors and Windows 8.1 and more random memories will improve more in terms of speed and here also are capable of more than a majority.
       free international calls for a year
fd01005d 0906 45d0 82ad 01b5df70f11e what fate Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2?  Success or failure again
Exploited Microsoft SkyDrive to attract interested storage cloud actually thinking of buying a Ouhaat Service new, but they are also targeting the rest of the users by providing perform a number of infinite international calls free for one year on each of the Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 This is a serious blow to competitors and threatens global communication networks , and to be honest with you it is an experience of Microsoft feel the pulse before heading in the near future to implement the plan, which I referred to in an article titled " Plan Microsoft to exploit Nokia for control of the Gaza smart phones "and is compatible with perfectly with the plan reached by matter of logical thinking and based on concrete evidence.
What fate Surface Pro 2, Surface 2, after all that has been said?
Several advantages over previous we know from the outset, but what you do not know the majority is that they are the strengths of these devices do not find now all in one device is Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2, this means that competitors are in a difficult situation, it would leave the tablet is available on the 200 GB bytes of storage space for two years and can be synchronized to smart phones and the rest of the other devices? Who among us does not want to make expensive international calls free of charge and an unlimited number of hours for a year? And the most prominent of the present does not want us to Ouhaat suitable for recreation and comply with the conditions of work and at the same time provide a good performance in various uses and is equipped with Windows 8.1 is better now?
I think the tablet competition does not offer all this amount of wonderful features, it features a revolutionary pay Gesma millions of people to the acquisition of Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 for leisure and work properly, so what is required from Microsoft that is preparing for a wave of sales marvelous will make Gesma He graduated from the curse of Service for stricken was enough to drain a lot of resources and market value.
Question challenge for the world now is: Is there a tablet is Surface Pro 2, Surface 2, which combines all of these features and characteristics? Gesma
For this personally nominate such devices as the best options available today in front of users, and this will not be surprised never hear buy it by the people for as long criticized Steve Ballmer, who has worked with the developers and architects Microsoft exit devices will write history name on a page "to Ouhaat successful."
Photo source: Microsoft

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Prefers to follow rules to create a successful website

website rules preferably followed to create a successful website
Internet brings 2.2 billion people spend most of their time where, especially after the entry of smart phones and social networks, and the decision you own a Web site means that the front of the challenge to compete and achieve the goal of your site, whether brought visits to the content or sell products, you're in front of users moving in the network based on the views of some of them and their and exchanges of information and move quickly from link to link, did not like your bids and your style will move to another location in seconds, and here we will discuss and review some of the rules that prefers to follow when creating your website:
  • Brainstorming session intensive : Step reserve scale and space is not the first step, but you work sessions brainstorming with yourself or with your team to think about thinking your customers and put yourself in their place and which define the objectives of the site and the most important points that meet the desires of potential visitors to your site, also will arrange ideas and evaluated Most importantly, do not think As the owner of the site, but you'll think you're a user.
  • Monitoring for questions and answers : you have to create a list of questions (Who? Why? Where? when?) and try answered in more than one session, and sometimes with a partner to you or a friend and record your answers, which may change each period, and may increase and comes to your mind new questions and you drive your car or exercising sport or be in your business or with the family, here you will have to register the question or the answer directly in a notepad or on your mobile phone.
  • Create a road map for the site : Think of the journey the user through each page and his movements between the pages, will start with a stack of white papers and put scheme of everything you want and what will put on each page and this will help you in determining the answers to some questions, such as where I want pictures and view slides and product classifications The divisions of the site and here will be used pencil for writing and scanning.
  • General orientation of the site : What do you want the user to see? What feeling or emotion that you want to memorable someone when viewed in your home? Is it modern? Is it emotional? Is it a comic and eccentric? Is it formalized? Whatever your choice, make sure you stick to it and not to skew it whenever you expand your internet site.
  • Center content and prompt : Writing for the Web is different from writing on paper this is the truth that you must understand, therefore, create content that speaks to your audience and try to stick to them and attract them must have been written carefully from an expert and a professional in the e-content, and you can read more about "Writing for the Web" are you in this task.
  • Browse and easy impression of purposeful : Here's another concept you should focus on is usability and the role of the designer in facilitating the delivery of user pages required and that you wish to be visited by the user to achieve the goal of your site, and here'll remind you the impression the first when visiting your site for the first time certainly like to know the visitor directly type and purpose of the site after the first view and here the role of the designer as well.
  • Be creative and clear : Choose lines and clear colors for the content of web pages and focused on the font size of the task and the sentences that target customer directly and found him a message you want to reach by any other clause and use the photos and videos.
  • Make it short and sweet : Try not to exceed the paragraphs in the content of more than 50 words and be focused, and this point known expert writing for the Web, and you will be an expert as well as if I read it and learned reading in the web privacy and the nature of the internet users.
  • Copyright and ownership : even characterized Yamtlk what you write does not transmit from other sites and this applies to photos and videos, this will help you in two things first you will be committed to copyright laws and ownership will not infringe on the rights of others and the other thing is to stand out in the search engines because Google and other search engines trying to fight the sites that copy content so that you own the content will increase their confidence in your site.
  • Social networking and mobile smart e: simply Internet users in the recent period are spending more of their time on social networks and using smartphones in most of their time as well, and here the decision with your hand either to lose 70% of potential visitors or reach them through your presence in social networks and add Icons and comment participation in all the pages of your site and working on the site complies with the smart phone browsers.
  • Agree with the search engines : some neglected subject of the emergence of the site in search engines and postponed it and this is certainly a big mistake because Internet users rarely write the URL in your browser, but they are looking for in the search engines, even if it was known so dish concept examples with search engines SEO and you can learn as well or hiring.

LG curved G Flex is coming in November

G Flex 610x555 LG curved G Flex is coming in November
Samsung is not the only company that plans to launch a smartphone with a curved screen, but LG is also planning to do this step, some reports have shown that it intends to launch a new phone called the G Flex.
G Flex phone is coming with a curved screen format with 6 inches fit dramatically with the palm of the hand during its constipation, where he is scheduled that the company disclose the month of November next, God willing.
It is supposed to reveal other Samsung is for her next week, thereby acute competition between the two companies, which bringing them together Android system as a common point between them.
It is said that the Samsung device would resemble a lot Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and will carry the name of Galaxy Note 3 Active but production will be very small quantities because of the difficulties and costs of manufacturing as it curved screens on the company to measure the extent of Iqbal users before making any decision.

Apple has accused Samsung of spying on patent deals between them and Nokia

Apple accuses Samsung Samsung spying on patent deals between them and the Nokia
There is no love in the smart phone industry, where large companies remain fights even the smallest decimal number of market share, but it seems that an eye on Samsung this time, now the Korean company under a microscope, where do you think Apple that Samsung may have spied on deals Patents secret of their own, after admitting Dr. Ahn Senho - legal negotiator and CEO of Samsung - that he knows the details of Nokia patents with Apple.
Know the details of a deal patents Nokia with Apple will give Samsung the ability to modify plans for the future, but given that those documents and the conditions were described as "highly confidential", it is against the interest of Samsung, but also against the law, too, and to make matters worse, as added by Ahn that "All the information has been leaked."
Samsung now under the command of Paul S. Grewal - investigative judge U.S. - it has to explain how managed access to the details of the negotiations Nokia with Apple with the testimony of Dr. Ahn in court on that, things are still not clear how will go later, but we may say The Samsung may be in serious trouble because of the statement of one of its employees, which is supposed to be fully aware of the laws!

Instagram: ads come during the next two months

Instagram for Windows Phone Anstaqram: ads come during the next two months
After more than a year, and get Facebook Instagram transactional successful and profitable in the future, confirmed the service share images they are going in the plan start to display ads on Anstaqram, to be done in the next two months, and will begin in the United States, with a failure to clarify more details on arrival in the same time as other markets or not.
Last July, said Mark Zuckerberg - co-founder and CEO of Facebook - that the ads coming to Instagram and continued many of the rumors about the details of that during the past month.
The Instagram as a service they are well aware that users do not like ads, so she "will start slowly," and users will have the ability to control it, but that does not mean that they would be able to stop the ads, if you see a declaration does not want it, you will able to hide it, as well as provide feedback about what not Satisfies you, just as is the case in Facebook, be ready from now; the matter became inevitably imposed upon you.

Twitter announced the launch of the company's shares for subscription

g564001ifc thumb Twitter announced the launch of the company's shares for subscription
Twitter today announced the launch of the company's IPO, this declaration was accompanied by disclosure of the company's own numbers in the initial IPO document, here is a summary of these numbers:
  • The number of registered user Twitter reached 218 million users
  • More than 100 million active users per day
  • Quarters of 2012 amounted to $ 316 million
  • Quarters of the first half of 2013 amounted to $ 253 million
  • The first half of the losses in 2013 amounted to $ 69 million
  • 75% of Twitter users through mobile and as many as 164 million users
  • 65% of the profits come from mobile
  • More than 300 billion Toath been deployed in the service
  • 5% of the fake Twitter accounts
  • More than 3 million websites integrated with Twitter
  • Twitter has 6 patents
  • Twitter has 2,000 employees
  • 472 613 753 shares will be offered in the IPO of the company for an increase of one billion dollars.
  • More person who owns shares in the company is the founder Evan Williams by 12% and then Peter Fenton by 6.7% and then founder Jack Dorsey by 4.9%, and finally president of the company Dick Costolo by 1.6%
Details can be read and underwriting of this document link .

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Facebook wins $ 3 million from Vachani and Power Ventures

facebookkk فيس بوك تفوز بـ 3 مليون دولار من Vachani وPower Ventures
By court order, I got a company Facebook on Wednesday on a $ 3 million from companies Vachani and Power Ventures which send spam, and raised by the company Facebook by a lawsuit where the claim for compensation due to damage received as a result.
This was a win real after a long battle against Vachani and Power Ventures, and was the final judgment against them that they had violated copyright laws and send e-mail unwanted by sending tens of thousands of spam messages and unwanted users of Facebook.
Said Craig Clark - General Counsel Assistant Company Facebook "We are pleased with today's ruling, which gave Facebook more than $ 3 million because of damage Olhaktna with enjoined and forbidding companies to return to do so," he added, "We will continue to get our rights against bad elements that seek to inflict damage the Facebook network and its users. "