TECH NEWS: You will have to pay $ 6 million that you do not recognize on the CAN-SPAM

Sunday, October 6, 2013

You will have to pay $ 6 million that you do not recognize on the CAN-SPAM

spam1 will have to pay $ 6 million that did not recognize the CAN SPAM
A lot of time is wasted in reviewing e-mails, where Gel wasted this time to cancel the spam or the so-called spam or (SPAM).
It has been said that "  time is gone, if not go Qtek "
With the adoption of big world on the Internet in their lives and their work, and the use of e-mail in the back of the so-called pal Spam SPAM or Junk ) , which exploits in the habit of using lists of e-mail without permission of the owners where he became a major problem with the untouched this Spam, The escalating the complaint by users of e-mail to this dilemma, on the one hand and the growing seriousness of the other hand and use them in the destruction of electronic systems and a tool in piracy .. We all remember the  message  ( I love you ),  which  amounted to the  loss  of hundreds of  millions  of  dollars .
Thus, I found most of the countries need to put an end to this problem is difficult, where Congress passed the 2003 U.S. law punishable by senders of spam and the perpetrators of the loss of times people, and it is prescribed this law, how and when and methods of sending emails to customers in the form of trade, and explains the legal requirements when sending mail campaigns electronic commercial, where he was on that law
(Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act of 2003) or Shortcut of (CAN-SPAM) .
And to clarify the law, which will impose sanctions on companies or individuals who violate the law, which is also compatible with some or most of the techniques used in the prevention of spam from reaching where he focused heavily on the following:
  • This law gives the right to either the federal government or any person affected by the spam to initiate legal action and prosecution violated the rights provided and described in this law.
  • This law is based on financial penalties and fines, although there are some laws that end up sentence them to jail as results associated with the damage resulting from the violation.
  • The penalties can the Act (CAN-SPAM) that up to the limit of 6 million dollars Mptdoh from $ 250 for each electronic message sent
  • Define these penalties depending on the intentions of the sender and the ways sent and the content of those messages, and other factors that influence and give the right of the final decision and the value of the sentence to the judge, as well as on the quality of the case and the extent of the damage quo.
Of course, this law applies throughout the United States.
But what are the lessons learned from this law:
The time the price can not be calculated, nor can his appreciation to those who tried to give this time its value, and therefore deliberately communities to try to take advantage of this time as much as possible and punish those who do not estimate the time and, unfortunately, the Arab societies are not estimated and does not give the right time, even though our religion ( Islam), Lobel and all religions have focused on time and made him the basics of life and faith.
There are few Arab countries have tried to seek legislation regulating labor-mail Bdziat simple, but lost its attempts timidly and far from the full application, because such a legislation requiring compatibility with the rest of the laws trader, in addition to the serious application of the law to everyone and not be tolerated in it.