TECH NEWS: What fate Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2? Success or failure again

Sunday, October 6, 2013

What fate Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2? Success or failure again

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Alice failure early success?
A few days before the farewell Steve Ballmer of Microsoft in a historic speech written with tears and studded with screaming nostalgia to the tune of the end of the march distinctive successes and failures as well, the company announced the U.S. that should change the world by its Executive Director, who became the last of the Ohieddin two Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 to be another so what was announced in the era of man for as long as exposure to Criticized for because of his candor and  automate this man.
I'm not here to talk about Steve Ballmer as an income history, and not talking about the CEO next and has dealt with it in a previous article entitled " Who will replace Steve Ballmer at Microsoft? "Yes, I'm not here also to propose solutions to the Rescue crisis Ouhaat Alservs advertised ago almost a year and have written about it in an article urges the title " How can Microsoft to criticize Tablet Surface RT? ", but we are here to know from the outset the fate Allohieddin new Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2, you will achieve great success to be added to the record Steve Ballmer more successes? Or that failure once again Will suffer to be important next CEO of the company launch curses on American predecessor!
From the beginning I would like to emphasize that I am not Sighted for the future and I'm not Baalam unseen, just give you the art through logic, experience and analysis in an article I will try to zap it from the question pulp: What are the advantages and characteristics of deadly brought by each of the Surface Pro 2 Surface 2 and that persuade Gesma to the world the necessity of their experience?
It features eight oh owners ... helps me for Gesmah result will reach referred to Gesma the review in the next lines.
 stronger ... faster processors in performance
clip image006 5EC9AC70 و ما مصير Surface 2 Surface Pro 2?  النجاح أم الإخفاق مجددا
Compared  these releases the former Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 become the best in terms of performance incredibly At the time, we find that the first coming with a Core i5 processor fourth generation, which offers great speed in the implementation and support of multiple tasks as required, and also on the conservative energy consumed we find that the Surface 2 also comes processor Nvidia Tegra 4 better version of last year as it was carrying a first version of Tegra 3 also means more impressive performance ... It's Ouhaat great in this regard is supported processors graphical make the gaming experience it is better than ever.
       Walkers wonderful ... stronger and better
clip image010 651313AF و ما مصير Surface 2 Surface Pro 2?  النجاح أم الإخفاق مجددا
Supports Tablet Surface Pro 2 bras to make it seem a laptop for work and for use in writing and work on offices, and is the same which also applies to the previous version, but the difference here they include Tlath USB 2.0 ports, USB 3.0 port in addition to the speakers side with available for many other possibilities.
       a large area of cloud storage free for two years
clip image012 5BB9DF2C ما مصير Surface 2 و Surface Pro 2 ؟ النجاح أم الإخفاق مجددا
Cloud storage has become of the features necessary to support all the hardware, and it is known that the majority of global services in this regard provide spaces are free, do not reach Gesma to 200 GB for free and for a period of two years and this is what provides Microsoft with its service SkyDrive built-in two Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2, this would allow for individuals and even companies invested in order to store files and data.
     Arrival the running  Windows 8.1
clip image006 5EC9AC70 و ما مصير Surface 2 Surface Pro 2?  النجاح أم الإخفاق مجددا
Both Allohieddin will work operating system Windows 8.1 the latest from Microsoft, which I consider to be one of the best operating systems developed by the American company and has dealt with it in an article titled " Is restores Windows 8.1 glory for Microsoft in the operating systems of computers and Allouhaat? ", which means they will be devices better than other competitors that do not support Windows from the original 8 let alone the newer version.
5 - the       support   in terms of data transfer
clip image014 247357F1 و ما مصير Surface 2 Surface Pro 2?  النجاح أم الإخفاق مجددا
It is known that USB 3.0 is the fastest currently in the data transfer and shared between two devices, well of excellent that both the Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 Idamana and is what provides users to transfer large files in size in a few seconds to devices supported by USB 3.0.
      better batteries ... for a larger work
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Battery life remains a problem on the table in any device today, everyone would like to use Allouhaat for long hours without having to be shipped after every few hours of use, it was less for earlier versions of Service, today Surface Pro 2 came battery improved by 75 percent compared to the previous version, from On the other hand Surface 2 battery improved by 25 percent, and with Arrival the new processors, sophisticated and non-energy-consuming significantly, it remains the answer is that the duration work on both Allohieddin of the will be the largest.
7 -       greater speed compared majority Allouhaat and laptops.
clip image018 6A86A5B5 و ما مصير Surface 2 Surface Pro 2?  النجاح أم الإخفاق مجددا
We know that the previous version of the Surface Pro was equipped with a random memory size of 4 GB now came Surface Pro 2 the first two versions of random memory size of 4 GB and 8 GB size and is meant to be the best in terms of speed but generally provides both Allohieddin on the latest processors and Windows 8.1 and more random memories will improve more in terms of speed and here also are capable of more than a majority.
       free international calls for a year
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Exploited Microsoft SkyDrive to attract interested storage cloud actually thinking of buying a Ouhaat Service new, but they are also targeting the rest of the users by providing perform a number of infinite international calls free for one year on each of the Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 This is a serious blow to competitors and threatens global communication networks , and to be honest with you it is an experience of Microsoft feel the pulse before heading in the near future to implement the plan, which I referred to in an article titled " Plan Microsoft to exploit Nokia for control of the Gaza smart phones "and is compatible with perfectly with the plan reached by matter of logical thinking and based on concrete evidence.
What fate Surface Pro 2, Surface 2, after all that has been said?
Several advantages over previous we know from the outset, but what you do not know the majority is that they are the strengths of these devices do not find now all in one device is Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2, this means that competitors are in a difficult situation, it would leave the tablet is available on the 200 GB bytes of storage space for two years and can be synchronized to smart phones and the rest of the other devices? Who among us does not want to make expensive international calls free of charge and an unlimited number of hours for a year? And the most prominent of the present does not want us to Ouhaat suitable for recreation and comply with the conditions of work and at the same time provide a good performance in various uses and is equipped with Windows 8.1 is better now?
I think the tablet competition does not offer all this amount of wonderful features, it features a revolutionary pay Gesma millions of people to the acquisition of Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 for leisure and work properly, so what is required from Microsoft that is preparing for a wave of sales marvelous will make Gesma He graduated from the curse of Service for stricken was enough to drain a lot of resources and market value.
Question challenge for the world now is: Is there a tablet is Surface Pro 2, Surface 2, which combines all of these features and characteristics? Gesma
For this personally nominate such devices as the best options available today in front of users, and this will not be surprised never hear buy it by the people for as long criticized Steve Ballmer, who has worked with the developers and architects Microsoft exit devices will write history name on a page "to Ouhaat successful."
Photo source: Microsoft