TECH NEWS: LG curved G Flex is coming in November

Friday, October 4, 2013

LG curved G Flex is coming in November

G Flex 610x555 LG curved G Flex is coming in November
Samsung is not the only company that plans to launch a smartphone with a curved screen, but LG is also planning to do this step, some reports have shown that it intends to launch a new phone called the G Flex.
G Flex phone is coming with a curved screen format with 6 inches fit dramatically with the palm of the hand during its constipation, where he is scheduled that the company disclose the month of November next, God willing.
It is supposed to reveal other Samsung is for her next week, thereby acute competition between the two companies, which bringing them together Android system as a common point between them.
It is said that the Samsung device would resemble a lot Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and will carry the name of Galaxy Note 3 Active but production will be very small quantities because of the difficulties and costs of manufacturing as it curved screens on the company to measure the extent of Iqbal users before making any decision.