TECH NEWS: Prefers to follow rules to create a successful website

Friday, October 4, 2013

Prefers to follow rules to create a successful website

website rules preferably followed to create a successful website
Internet brings 2.2 billion people spend most of their time where, especially after the entry of smart phones and social networks, and the decision you own a Web site means that the front of the challenge to compete and achieve the goal of your site, whether brought visits to the content or sell products, you're in front of users moving in the network based on the views of some of them and their and exchanges of information and move quickly from link to link, did not like your bids and your style will move to another location in seconds, and here we will discuss and review some of the rules that prefers to follow when creating your website:
  • Brainstorming session intensive : Step reserve scale and space is not the first step, but you work sessions brainstorming with yourself or with your team to think about thinking your customers and put yourself in their place and which define the objectives of the site and the most important points that meet the desires of potential visitors to your site, also will arrange ideas and evaluated Most importantly, do not think As the owner of the site, but you'll think you're a user.
  • Monitoring for questions and answers : you have to create a list of questions (Who? Why? Where? when?) and try answered in more than one session, and sometimes with a partner to you or a friend and record your answers, which may change each period, and may increase and comes to your mind new questions and you drive your car or exercising sport or be in your business or with the family, here you will have to register the question or the answer directly in a notepad or on your mobile phone.
  • Create a road map for the site : Think of the journey the user through each page and his movements between the pages, will start with a stack of white papers and put scheme of everything you want and what will put on each page and this will help you in determining the answers to some questions, such as where I want pictures and view slides and product classifications The divisions of the site and here will be used pencil for writing and scanning.
  • General orientation of the site : What do you want the user to see? What feeling or emotion that you want to memorable someone when viewed in your home? Is it modern? Is it emotional? Is it a comic and eccentric? Is it formalized? Whatever your choice, make sure you stick to it and not to skew it whenever you expand your internet site.
  • Center content and prompt : Writing for the Web is different from writing on paper this is the truth that you must understand, therefore, create content that speaks to your audience and try to stick to them and attract them must have been written carefully from an expert and a professional in the e-content, and you can read more about "Writing for the Web" are you in this task.
  • Browse and easy impression of purposeful : Here's another concept you should focus on is usability and the role of the designer in facilitating the delivery of user pages required and that you wish to be visited by the user to achieve the goal of your site, and here'll remind you the impression the first when visiting your site for the first time certainly like to know the visitor directly type and purpose of the site after the first view and here the role of the designer as well.
  • Be creative and clear : Choose lines and clear colors for the content of web pages and focused on the font size of the task and the sentences that target customer directly and found him a message you want to reach by any other clause and use the photos and videos.
  • Make it short and sweet : Try not to exceed the paragraphs in the content of more than 50 words and be focused, and this point known expert writing for the Web, and you will be an expert as well as if I read it and learned reading in the web privacy and the nature of the internet users.
  • Copyright and ownership : even characterized Yamtlk what you write does not transmit from other sites and this applies to photos and videos, this will help you in two things first you will be committed to copyright laws and ownership will not infringe on the rights of others and the other thing is to stand out in the search engines because Google and other search engines trying to fight the sites that copy content so that you own the content will increase their confidence in your site.
  • Social networking and mobile smart e: simply Internet users in the recent period are spending more of their time on social networks and using smartphones in most of their time as well, and here the decision with your hand either to lose 70% of potential visitors or reach them through your presence in social networks and add Icons and comment participation in all the pages of your site and working on the site complies with the smart phone browsers.
  • Agree with the search engines : some neglected subject of the emergence of the site in search engines and postponed it and this is certainly a big mistake because Internet users rarely write the URL in your browser, but they are looking for in the search engines, even if it was known so dish concept examples with search engines SEO and you can learn as well or hiring.