TECH NEWS: September 2013

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Facebook wins $ 3 million from Vachani and Power Ventures

facebookkk فيس بوك تفوز بـ 3 مليون دولار من Vachani وPower Ventures
By court order, I got a company Facebook on Wednesday on a $ 3 million from companies Vachani and Power Ventures which send spam, and raised by the company Facebook by a lawsuit where the claim for compensation due to damage received as a result.
This was a win real after a long battle against Vachani and Power Ventures, and was the final judgment against them that they had violated copyright laws and send e-mail unwanted by sending tens of thousands of spam messages and unwanted users of Facebook.
Said Craig Clark - General Counsel Assistant Company Facebook "We are pleased with today's ruling, which gave Facebook more than $ 3 million because of damage Olhaktna with enjoined and forbidding companies to return to do so," he added, "We will continue to get our rights against bad elements that seek to inflict damage the Facebook network and its users. "

Everything you want to know about the Kindle Fire HDX from Amazon

Kindle Fire HDX everything you want to know about the Kindle Fire HDX from Amazon
It's damn it! Do not get me by mistake, I mean damn impressive, both will see the new tablet Kindle Fire Kindle Fire HDX new Will admire him is not inevitable, and so dazzling is coming in two versions, 7-inch and 8.9-inch, with better screen, processor, RAM, software, The advantage of technical support from Amazon!
After a bit I'll tell you all something, let me just tell you at the outset that Amazon is approaching to reach the perfect tablet device compared to last year, and why? High quality products at affordable prices, and with the new design, she calls every taste owners to buy a new Kindle Fire, and now: let we started?


Always be the price in the end, but this time raised our extremely which made us consider the first thing we have to observe, Kindle Fire HDX version 7 inch price $ 230, and 8.9-inch price $ 330, beautiful, is the version belonging to the latter supports networks fourth generation LTE priced at $ 480, this is new, of course we will not forget that Amazon has redesigned Kindle Fire HD posed in the past year, and made $ 140 price, ie the price of the regular Kindle Fire devices.

Design and specifications

Kindle Fire HDX this time comes trapezoidal design - almost nonexistent angles at the edges - and seems to be very solid, as the exoskeleton is made of cast magnesium, all with the light weight of up to 374 grams approx.
29 each would like to know about Kindle Fire HDX from Amazon
The biggest weakness in the Kindle Fire HD is a processor TI OMAP, and its presence in both versions may make to have some slow - very -, so it came Kindle Fire HDX with 2.2 GHz processor Snap Dragon 800 - Hurrah! - And with Android Jelly between 4.2.2, which is based upon a system Fire OS, we see that there is a boost positive compared to the Tablet old, as well as a density of graphics and a bunch more of pixels, and upgraded to 2 GB of RAM after that was before 1 GB.
A large and powerful improvements also are buttons, you can find them now! - We look out for in the past with the HD version - the play button (power) on the left, and audio buttons seemed more comfortable in use, albeit in positions similar to the old, but it is not impossible to find in the dark, for example!
For I will run screens where detailed, 7-inch version got a shift of 1280 x 800 as it was in previous to 1920 x 1200, and a 8.9-inch version has a 2560 x 1600 pixels - Wow! - It is very bright, which is good; because some pixels intensive screens look dimmer than it is, not to mention the experience of viewing from multiple angles looks fantastic, really we love bright colors, especially with the large screen such that the Kindle Fire HDX.


Battery life is annoying to everyone, Amazon claims that the age of new tablet up to 11 hours - it was 10 in the past year, I see interesting due to the screen resolution and raise the level of lit which is supposed to be the most drain on the battery, as well as the company reported that the duration of reading up to 17 hour thanks to new modes of energy consumption and optimize the processor and memory.

Button distress Mayday!

Ammmm here by the real madness in innovation! In addition to the improvements that we have mentioned, there is a greater addition to the Kindle Fire, SOS button new Mayday Mayday, and simply to accommodate all, when ؛press on the button, there is a small box will pop up on the screen tells you that you are in the queue, Mayday, and after a few seconds, Will overlook human head - is real! - To say "hello," and asks "How can I help you?", Is wonderful and impressive.
The technician to talk with you, I must make it clear that microphone you will be active and not the camera as well so can not someone see you, to go back to the artwork, Will guide you everything across the screen, lines, drawings and shares, and things are circular, so you if you allow the technician will become able View what you are doing and interact with him, and it comes he can - again: If you allow him to do so - to raise and lower the volume, and more of those things.
Details of security and protection somewhat vague, we saw that extracts video stop temporarily when we process enter passwords, but it is not clear whether we can reduce the powers of the technician distress that can be seen or not, such as e-mail messages or anything else the privacy as users.
On Mayday, said Jeff Bezos - CEO of Amazon - it is mostly not respond to every call within 15 seconds, and you will get a real human being talking to you about anything do you want about the Kindle Fire HDX.
46 each would like to know about Kindle Fire HDX from Amazon


Last year, there was a consensus that the Kindle Fire HD is a good device for the consumer, but it was not equal in terms of adequacy software with other platforms such as iOS and Android - without amendment - and even Windows Phone.
Fire OS 3.0 has been rewritten completely programmatically, which now depends on Android 4.2.2 Jelly between, and therefore is better than the previous version 2.0, which was based on the Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and besides, it works HDX much more smoothly than we've seen before .
There is also when scrolling by your finger on the main screen shows you something familiar applications and folders as it exists in iOS, there you can put books, videos and documents or anything else you want.
Other improvements also include integration with e-mail, in the past, there was a possibility of sync g-mail and add it to the calendar, there are also new features related to security and protection in the same regard.
Now is the time for multi-tasking, yes Fire OS 3.0 includes this important property is available only when you scroll from the right side of the screen, or from the bottom, if you are in a vertical position - I see it a bit confusing why do not they call in the same place?! -.

Cover of "magnet"!

New cover gorgeous, one of the best we will see extensions of the revelation new Kindle Fire HDX with cover smart magnets Magnets, it is in fact very comfortable when installed and used especially outside the home, as you can attach so what allows you to use the new tablet in the horizontal or vertical alike.
54 each would like to know about Kindle Fire HDX from Amazon

Other important things

Light sensor! I think you know what is important, as is evident from its name, usually doing a brightness dim the screen in dark rooms, but not as well as with the light of the sun, can now light sensor to deal intelligently with the sun, probably not smart as much saturated I want as a user, but he became smarter than Previously, this is what I wanted to explain it!
There is also a rear camera, now is the 8 mega pixel camera with a feature mediocre, it's funny here because I remember an earlier statement to the Amazon that looks a little confused and ask him "to what the user wants to rear cameras on tablets?"Accept them are you!

And now?

Kindle Fire HDX gorgeous every sense of the word, but the script here is not quite like that has a majority of users on their mobile devices, Amazon says it ensures us I want for, yes it is as well, but there are quite a few problems - very - in terms of efficiency, I see that an update is simple and ended up, and now? What about your impressions of the stunning new tablet from Amazon? It intends to buy it - someone else! -? Waiting for.

After one week of its launch: the proportion of adopt iOS7 system of up to 60 percent

bgr ios 7 review 8 after one week of its launch: the proportion of adopt iOS7 system of up to 60 percent
Pointed platform Mixpanel specialized in tracking and monitoring data traffic for the Web and mobile devices to the prevalence and the adoption of a system iOS7 by users has reached 60 percent now, after only one week of the launch of Apple's new version of the operating system (iOS) officially.
This The Fiksu site revealed also about the same proportion spread almost iOS7 and monitored by 59 percent, as it was confirmed that more than half of your iPhone owners around the world have carried out the system update to version VII.
On the other hand, this trend due the great adoption iOS7 by users to the new features and properties held by the latter Add to be considered one of the most important updates and development operations conducted by Apple's iOS system yet.
ios 7 adoption mixpanel1 after one week of its launch: the proportion of adopt iOS7 system of up to 60 percent

Why Magento is the best choice to create an electronic store?

Magento Logo Why Majnto is Magento is the best choice to create an electronic store?
Magento has become one of the most credible names and the confidence in the world of creation and development of e-shops sites CMS control panel provided outstanding. If you intend to create an online store, and is keen on setting up shop privileged, most web developers on the Internet Will advise resorting to the platform Magento control panel CMS own distinct, they are not just a Control Panel strong and by, but it also displays the user interface is attractive, in addition to capacity solutions, It is an open source software open-source and available for download and modification for free on the Internet.
E-commerce sites took the largest participation and the spread of Internet users better than any other kind of sites on the internet at all. And slit the best in the electronic stores on the Internet that they allow you to discover thousands of products and services, and read a description of many of the products in detail, and compare prices for the same product with other brands, and even the same brand but from different locations, and then in the end - quite simply - the pressure on Buy Buy button and finish the entire process in minutes.

Why use Magento to develop and create any e-commerce site?

  • The possibility of dealing with more than one store at the same time:  one of the leading properties Magento at all which is the ability to manage more than a shop-mail from one control panel. It does not matter now if you own one store or 5 manages or owns 10 stores stores at the same time, it has become the management of these stores are all proved one click of a button with Magento. With  Magento can own more than one domain, with different IP addresses, and a lot of protection certificates that guarantee you the safety of the store from the usual hazards.
  • An infinite number of templates: customization template that it will appear e Store is the second major advantage of and create a development platform for electronic stores Magento. You can choose your favorite scene, favorite template and then create the job has to comply with the selected store. Not only that, but you also can swap between the template permanent store any form work associated season given (holidays - seasons - events - ... etc), and also allow you to download more than one template - free and paid - from more than one place in accordance with your works.
  • Selections browse and review of the better products to the user: displays Magento features recreational additional make browsing experience eStore designer Magento pleasant experience, such as displaying more pictures per item, in addition to the work of zoom in and out of those images, in addition to the ability to display the views of buyers and former visitors in this product. Magento develops from the user's shopping experience where everything is designed on the site to suit the mood of the visitor. The action button CTO (Call To Action) is more than wonderful, it allows high flexibility ranging from checking inventory to detect the availability of the product, through presentations selling Top Up-Sell to sell products related to the product chosen by the customer Cross-Sell, and other lots and lots .
  • Ease of transmission of purchase orders: Many sites offer complex procedures to complete the purchase, threatening the departure of visiting for the completion of the procurement process and out of the site. With  Magento is well aware that the ease of completing the purchase of the visitor of the best means to ensure the best return on investment ROI. When developing your store address through of Magento will realize the size of the possibilities offered by you to create, view, edit, and completion of the purchase orders through the Admin Control Panel, Walking through of multiple invoices to multiple mailing addresses, do not worry .. There are lots and lots which you provide to Control Panel CMS the Magento, in addition to that users can check and review their payments last that previously did it.
  • Compatible with Google Analytics : How can you live on the Internet without Google Analytics? I even think that if Google has transferred the service from a free service to a paid service, site managers will not hesitate in investing in as it did before with Google Apps Google Apps. Google Analytics One important aspect of any electronic store management and systematic follow-up performance. This will help you to understand the overall performance of the store. There is an impressive array of reports, which are indispensable to you, such as tax reports, reports of abandoned vehicles purchase (which is not used by visitors), more products Show visitors, more products to buy, etc..
  • Great Marketing: Another feature is indispensable for any type of business, and any company that gives great importance to this aspect .. Marketing. Magento not only help in increasing sales and reap the revenue, but also has a very tools in the magnificence and power to support the marketing process, such as Up-Sells, Cross-Sells, which urges the visitor to buy more products. And also addresses the URL to search engines friendly in Magento, a feature that can not be ignored, as well as flexible pricing rules have Magento bring more customers more easily.
We in pepper Commerce  believe that the experience of use Magento platform Magento to develop electronic stores is truly an enjoyable experience and advise all depending on .. In case you want to use commercial services to build your store we recommend relying on a private company or a specialist developer knows Magento and understands the nuances between the development of an electronic store, plain site, and doing site shop-mail you exactly as you wish.
What do you think? We have agreed opinion that Magento is the best platform for electronic stores? Let your thoughts via comments.

Valve reveals Steam joystick for computer games

Valve Steam Steam Valve reveals Steam Control arm for computer games
This is the third and last what it promised Valve Valve just as the rumors predicted, it is actually the console that is designed to work with Steam OS and computers Steam Steam and also works with other operating systems and computers.
Began Valve those triple by announcing an operating system Steam OS, which revolves around the Steam games, and then announced its strategy for the launch of computers Steam that focus on games, and now, the ad is the third and last, an arm controller has been designed to run all kinds of games, both of which already been launched or those that will be launched in the future.
Valve Steam Steam1 Valve reveals Steam joystick for computer games
The most important characteristic of the control arm Steam Games is a complete contradiction to each other controllers, where they do not come with concrete buttons or shares on both sides, instead of two paintings tactile control Trackpads! Of order to achieve Altawan between lack of physical sticks, and allowed to take up more space in the direction of movements of the fingers.
In addition, there is a high-resolution screen touch screen, you can click on the screen as a button Button, as well as eliminate the need to consider the position of the click in the control arm, According to her Valve, the "screen allows for an infinite number of different procedures that will be available to the players, without the need for an infinite number of physical buttons. "
Recently, followed Valve unveiling gradually SteamOS on the Linux operating system and Windows and Mac, and with the joystick new, everything is touch, and despite those easily added by the valve on the console games of their own, but it is likely to take some time until players get used to it without having to "Stitches! "Fingers for either stock or buttons.

BlackBerry profits in the second quarter: the decline in revenue .. High losses .. And ugly!

Blackberry 1 blackberry profits in the second quarter: the decline in revenue ..  High losses ..  And ugly!
Launched the BlackBerry financial results quarterly, so the same day that launched it her smart Z 30 for sale in the United Kingdom, and just as expected, the company has obtained revenues of $ 1.6 billion in a quarter second, low-so about $ 2.9 billion in the period same time last year, although the operating loss business is marginally less than the $ 1 billion, to reach U.S. $ 965 million.
Financial results are very dim next to the purchase possible by a group Fairfox Financial versus $ 4.7 billion, said Thorsten Heinz said in a statement attached to the financial results, "We are very disappointed of operating results and financial have during this quarter, we have announced a series of major changes to address the competitive environment, our cost structure. "
This whole month disorder enough to Blackberry, and apart from Fairfax, confirmed that it intends to abandon about 4,500 employees, there is no longer there for BlackBerry phones in retail stores special T-Mobile, and also failed to BlackBerry through the process of launching the application BlackBerry Messenger BBM iOS and Android, which could eventually lead to the loss of one of its shareholders in the future.
Despite the financial problems, the company is supplying her new BlackBerry Z 30 in the UK, with a screen size 5-inch 1280 × 720 Super AMOLED, and processor 1.7 GHz Snap Dragon S4 dual-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, and will be Phone launch initially in the UK and the Middle East, then تليهم after that other countries, knowing that the phone is currently sold at $ 850 without a contract, how much will its price in the Middle East if this is the case?!

Android 4.3 up to HTC One

one43 Android 4.3 up to HTC One
About two weeks ago announced  Jason Mackenzie, President of HTC America via Tweets he posted on Twitter, that the company has started sending system update your HTC One developer to version 4.3 of Android Jelly between waiting for the arrival in the near future to the rest users..
And already has begun some owners of HTC One device three days ago in Taiwan to receive over-the-air update OTA and today began the rest of the users to receive the update which amounted to 512 MB in size, where many special features came to performance and speed with the interface Sense 5.0.
In addition, the system has become largely stable compared to the version that preceded it let alone improve imaging camera in low-light settings and change the shape of the battery indicator while charging the device.
The update will arrive in Canada before the end of this month, HTC said it will be launched to the United States soon after, noting that it would depend on the companies that allow access to the update to its users.

Dec. 13 is the date for the launch of PlayStation 4 in the Middle East

ps4 hrdware large1 1024x534 13 December is the date for the launch of PlayStation 4 in the Middle East
During the press conference of Sony Corporation in Games 13 Event and place in the city of Dubai, Sony announced that the launch date of the PlayStation 4 in the Middle East will be in 13 of the next month of December, Sony said that the initial price of the device will be 1699 AED.
And thus the Middle East is the third region, which kicks off the device after America and Europe, and ahead of Japan, and so far Microsoft has not announced date for the launch of the Xbox Wen.
And Sony has a large audience in the Middle East and specifically in the Gulf region and it is not logical that delay in the date of issuance of apparatus for this important region.
And the Saudi public can experience the device for the first time during the exhibition on the players and place from 11-13 October.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

NDP: Xbox 360 America's best-selling

 NDP: Xbox 360 America's best-selling
Continue your Xbox 360 (Xbox 360) from Microsoft's top spot on the list of the most best-selling video game consoles in the United States of America for the second month and thirty respectively. According to a NDP-American Research, sales of your Xbox 360 has reached about 96,000 units during the month of August last, while reached retail sales of the device and set suffixes and special programs in the United States in the same period to $ 213 million according to the same source.
It is worth mentioning that your Xbox 360 has a popular base, saying, as he was able to compete gaming platform other PlayStation 3 (PlayStation 3) from Sony, in addition to achieve for several awards during the month of August the most important entry 6 games on the device list of the best 10 games in the world

Xbox device competition Wen

Trying to Microsoft Corporation of America to remain on the list of high-profile companies and competition in the video games and that's when recently revealed your Xbox Wen (Xbox One) which will be available in the second of the month of November of this year and across 13 countries: the United States of America, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, United Kingdom.
This waiting for Microsoft to achieve its new great success, as expected, deputy director of marketing for Xbox Yusuf Mehdi to expand the base of players and users in Europe to 200%, especially since Microsoft has been able to reap more than 100 prizes will increase to attract a lot of companies The game developers at E3 event , and who will be providing their products exclusively for your Xbox Wen also promised to Microsoft.
NDP: Xbox 360 America's best-selling

PS4 is coming to Japan in the twenty-second of February next

Sony PlayStation 4 PS4 is coming to Japan in the twenty-second of February next
 Sony announced today during a press conference that the fourth version of the PlayStation PS4 to come to the markets of Japan in the twenty-second of the month of February next, God willing, compared to U.S. $ 400, and anyone who wishes to obtain an extension camera PS Eye has to pay 441 U.S. dollars.
It is reported that Sony had announced late last August to coincide with the conference Gamescom that it will launch PS4 on November 15 in North America and November 29 in Europe, Latin America and Australia, the same season celebrate the birth of Christ in more than 30 countries around the the world.
Japan will contact customers copies contain Knack game free of charge which is waging war on humanity, combining entertainment, puzzles and excitement where impressed a lot of gamers immediately announced.
PS4 is coming to Japan in the twenty-second of next February

Review phone Ascend P6 from Huawei


Shaped device stylish and attractive and is considered the world's slimmest where the thickness of only 6.2 mm Weight 120 g and its design is similar to the design of the iPhone Fife, Huawei has added some special touches so distinct from the rest of the mobile phones like headsets port covered with a piece of aluminum, and can be this piece be used in the output port and slide Micro SD port These new and different! But unfortunately piece is very small and easy to loss, it is noticeable that the volume buttons and lock button close to each other, causing confusion in the used and overall manufacturing quality phone is very excellent.


Processor quad-core processor at 1.5 GHz, random memory (RAM) 2 GB. 
from my point of view that the performance is good for Android device but for a quad-core performance is weak and applications and games sometimes do not work quickly and take a long time to run and even during surf the Internet you will notice that the device is slow to load the page and data as well as slow in bringing pictures, web pages and in some cases it is possible to experience slow movement between applications.


Battery comes with a capacity of 2000 mAh and after our experience of the battery results showed that the battery is good and lasting battery Balamla to the period between 10 - 14 about an hour and this period reflect my experience during the communicative network Wi-Fi only and which you watching several video clips from YouTube and Some applications loaded from Google Play store and I spent most of my time in social networking programs such as Twitter and Alanstjeram
Screen size 4.7 inches and comes precisely 720 in 1280 and 312 in terms of the density of pixels, frankly, you're expected to screen accuracy common as it accurately 720 me, but after my experience I discovered that the screen is fantastic in terms of accuracy, colors and brightness of the screen is very excellent and claimed helps you to see the screen under sunlight, but strong compared with mobile such as Galxi DHL soon and the HTC Wen monitors these devices considered better because they come my accurately 1080 but the screen is a positive point for the device.


Audio device is good, and frankly I did not notice anything special in terms of speakers but what puzzled me that the speakers in the bottom of the device in if مسكته fist hand as possible cover on the speakers but will not notice the weak sound only if pressure with your hand on the speakers, and this same problem with devices Samsung.

System and interface:

The device comes running Android 4.2.2 and the device comes with an interface of its own and is characterized by this interface heavily molds and shapes and one more thing I liked this interface is Qara to control everything manually, such as movements of movement on the main display and the ability to change the font of the same interface without the need to download applications To change the font but the shape of the interface and icons strange and is inconsistent with this beautiful facade.
Camera: 8 MP and visualize my 1080 resolution video and comes with a LED flash and supports auto-focus 
front camera: 5 megapixel and visualize my 720 resolution video 
camera is quite good, I did not notice anything special or different from the rest of the cameras and accuracy good hand shooting photos and videos, for the camera frankly front camera front is very excellent and give you tremendous results and mobile phone comes with Beauty Mode position and that gives automatic improvements during image capture.
Camera 2 experience
Experience rear camera 1
2 front camera experience
Experience the front camera 1



  • Sleek look of your device
  • Slim and very light
  • Several interface options and templates
  • High resolution screen and stunning colors


  • Poor performance for quad-core processor
  • Ordinary camera

Processor quad-core processor at 1.5 GHz, random memory (RAM) 2 GB. Review phone Ascend P6 from Huawei by 

Audit elements:

Design - 8.5
Performance - 5
System - 7
Camera - 7.5
Sound - 6
Screen - 8


Final Evaluation

Public opinion: Huawei device is a good choice, especially with its reasonable price, and disadvantage poor performance of the ordinary camera