TECH NEWS: Everything you want to know about the Kindle Fire HDX from Amazon

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Everything you want to know about the Kindle Fire HDX from Amazon

Kindle Fire HDX everything you want to know about the Kindle Fire HDX from Amazon
It's damn it! Do not get me by mistake, I mean damn impressive, both will see the new tablet Kindle Fire Kindle Fire HDX new Will admire him is not inevitable, and so dazzling is coming in two versions, 7-inch and 8.9-inch, with better screen, processor, RAM, software, The advantage of technical support from Amazon!
After a bit I'll tell you all something, let me just tell you at the outset that Amazon is approaching to reach the perfect tablet device compared to last year, and why? High quality products at affordable prices, and with the new design, she calls every taste owners to buy a new Kindle Fire, and now: let we started?


Always be the price in the end, but this time raised our extremely which made us consider the first thing we have to observe, Kindle Fire HDX version 7 inch price $ 230, and 8.9-inch price $ 330, beautiful, is the version belonging to the latter supports networks fourth generation LTE priced at $ 480, this is new, of course we will not forget that Amazon has redesigned Kindle Fire HD posed in the past year, and made $ 140 price, ie the price of the regular Kindle Fire devices.

Design and specifications

Kindle Fire HDX this time comes trapezoidal design - almost nonexistent angles at the edges - and seems to be very solid, as the exoskeleton is made of cast magnesium, all with the light weight of up to 374 grams approx.
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The biggest weakness in the Kindle Fire HD is a processor TI OMAP, and its presence in both versions may make to have some slow - very -, so it came Kindle Fire HDX with 2.2 GHz processor Snap Dragon 800 - Hurrah! - And with Android Jelly between 4.2.2, which is based upon a system Fire OS, we see that there is a boost positive compared to the Tablet old, as well as a density of graphics and a bunch more of pixels, and upgraded to 2 GB of RAM after that was before 1 GB.
A large and powerful improvements also are buttons, you can find them now! - We look out for in the past with the HD version - the play button (power) on the left, and audio buttons seemed more comfortable in use, albeit in positions similar to the old, but it is not impossible to find in the dark, for example!
For I will run screens where detailed, 7-inch version got a shift of 1280 x 800 as it was in previous to 1920 x 1200, and a 8.9-inch version has a 2560 x 1600 pixels - Wow! - It is very bright, which is good; because some pixels intensive screens look dimmer than it is, not to mention the experience of viewing from multiple angles looks fantastic, really we love bright colors, especially with the large screen such that the Kindle Fire HDX.


Battery life is annoying to everyone, Amazon claims that the age of new tablet up to 11 hours - it was 10 in the past year, I see interesting due to the screen resolution and raise the level of lit which is supposed to be the most drain on the battery, as well as the company reported that the duration of reading up to 17 hour thanks to new modes of energy consumption and optimize the processor and memory.

Button distress Mayday!

Ammmm here by the real madness in innovation! In addition to the improvements that we have mentioned, there is a greater addition to the Kindle Fire, SOS button new Mayday Mayday, and simply to accommodate all, when ؛press on the button, there is a small box will pop up on the screen tells you that you are in the queue, Mayday, and after a few seconds, Will overlook human head - is real! - To say "hello," and asks "How can I help you?", Is wonderful and impressive.
The technician to talk with you, I must make it clear that microphone you will be active and not the camera as well so can not someone see you, to go back to the artwork, Will guide you everything across the screen, lines, drawings and shares, and things are circular, so you if you allow the technician will become able View what you are doing and interact with him, and it comes he can - again: If you allow him to do so - to raise and lower the volume, and more of those things.
Details of security and protection somewhat vague, we saw that extracts video stop temporarily when we process enter passwords, but it is not clear whether we can reduce the powers of the technician distress that can be seen or not, such as e-mail messages or anything else the privacy as users.
On Mayday, said Jeff Bezos - CEO of Amazon - it is mostly not respond to every call within 15 seconds, and you will get a real human being talking to you about anything do you want about the Kindle Fire HDX.
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Last year, there was a consensus that the Kindle Fire HD is a good device for the consumer, but it was not equal in terms of adequacy software with other platforms such as iOS and Android - without amendment - and even Windows Phone.
Fire OS 3.0 has been rewritten completely programmatically, which now depends on Android 4.2.2 Jelly between, and therefore is better than the previous version 2.0, which was based on the Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and besides, it works HDX much more smoothly than we've seen before .
There is also when scrolling by your finger on the main screen shows you something familiar applications and folders as it exists in iOS, there you can put books, videos and documents or anything else you want.
Other improvements also include integration with e-mail, in the past, there was a possibility of sync g-mail and add it to the calendar, there are also new features related to security and protection in the same regard.
Now is the time for multi-tasking, yes Fire OS 3.0 includes this important property is available only when you scroll from the right side of the screen, or from the bottom, if you are in a vertical position - I see it a bit confusing why do not they call in the same place?! -.

Cover of "magnet"!

New cover gorgeous, one of the best we will see extensions of the revelation new Kindle Fire HDX with cover smart magnets Magnets, it is in fact very comfortable when installed and used especially outside the home, as you can attach so what allows you to use the new tablet in the horizontal or vertical alike.
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Other important things

Light sensor! I think you know what is important, as is evident from its name, usually doing a brightness dim the screen in dark rooms, but not as well as with the light of the sun, can now light sensor to deal intelligently with the sun, probably not smart as much saturated I want as a user, but he became smarter than Previously, this is what I wanted to explain it!
There is also a rear camera, now is the 8 mega pixel camera with a feature mediocre, it's funny here because I remember an earlier statement to the Amazon that looks a little confused and ask him "to what the user wants to rear cameras on tablets?"Accept them are you!

And now?

Kindle Fire HDX gorgeous every sense of the word, but the script here is not quite like that has a majority of users on their mobile devices, Amazon says it ensures us I want for, yes it is as well, but there are quite a few problems - very - in terms of efficiency, I see that an update is simple and ended up, and now? What about your impressions of the stunning new tablet from Amazon? It intends to buy it - someone else! -? Waiting for.