TECH NEWS: NDP: Xbox 360 America's best-selling

Saturday, September 14, 2013

NDP: Xbox 360 America's best-selling

 NDP: Xbox 360 America's best-selling
Continue your Xbox 360 (Xbox 360) from Microsoft's top spot on the list of the most best-selling video game consoles in the United States of America for the second month and thirty respectively. According to a NDP-American Research, sales of your Xbox 360 has reached about 96,000 units during the month of August last, while reached retail sales of the device and set suffixes and special programs in the United States in the same period to $ 213 million according to the same source.
It is worth mentioning that your Xbox 360 has a popular base, saying, as he was able to compete gaming platform other PlayStation 3 (PlayStation 3) from Sony, in addition to achieve for several awards during the month of August the most important entry 6 games on the device list of the best 10 games in the world

Xbox device competition Wen

Trying to Microsoft Corporation of America to remain on the list of high-profile companies and competition in the video games and that's when recently revealed your Xbox Wen (Xbox One) which will be available in the second of the month of November of this year and across 13 countries: the United States of America, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, United Kingdom.
This waiting for Microsoft to achieve its new great success, as expected, deputy director of marketing for Xbox Yusuf Mehdi to expand the base of players and users in Europe to 200%, especially since Microsoft has been able to reap more than 100 prizes will increase to attract a lot of companies The game developers at E3 event , and who will be providing their products exclusively for your Xbox Wen also promised to Microsoft.
NDP: Xbox 360 America's best-selling