TECH NEWS: Microsoft's plan to exploit the Nokia for control of the smart phone sector

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Microsoft's plan to exploit the Nokia for control of the smart phone sector

We all heard before about the Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia in the historic details and trends, to be reasons known and clearly visible from near or from afar, where we put in the framework colleague Tamer Omran , who said in his article that the promotion of Microsoft's profits in sector, smart phones and provide the experience of using phone continued her only for users in addition to prevent Google and Apple from the acquisition of creativity full market applications and integration with the hardware and do not forget to take advantage of that opportunity, huge for the growth of its business via smartphones the most important and the most prominent reasons and motives to do so.
Well words of the beautiful and reasonable and is certainly true, but the question that remained in the list of questions this deal is: How will Microsoft and what are the next steps in this regard? And better what is Microsoft's plan to exploit the Nokia after a takeover deal for control of the smart phone sector?
Yes, it is an important question, and we need to answer him in order to be familiar with the plan drawn up by Microsoft's current leadership to be implemented in the coming days and months and years.
The reality of competition in the smart phone sector:
 ios5 vs android 300x197 Microsoft's plan to exploit the Nokia for control of the smart phone sector
Before نتورط in talking about Microsoft's plan which belong to pounce on the deal after Nokia, we must, and to reflect on the reality of the Gaza smartphones to proceed him to the discovery of the American giant plan.
He says fact that phones Android and iPhone are dominant on the market and enjoy the crowds of users and lovers did not see them history ever seen, and under the leadership of Samsung phones Android controls Apple's iPhone and heading towards new levels to meet the expectations of their audiences, and is what you do also Samsung.
It is also known that Microsoft tried over the years to control this sector further through the development of its emerging Windows Phone platform and a full partnership with Nokia, after the latter abandoned its Symbian platform, but during the last months and to now have seen Windows Phone phones, especially those that belong to the family of lumia growing qualitatively in terms of the prevalence and popularity but remained comparable figures achieved by Android and ios very small and do not compare never and according to the current growth of the Windows Phone, it will need almost a decade to be a contender balanced with platforms Apple and Google. And this is what does not embrace this fast-changing market and which will not wait nearly 10 years to become the best Windows Phone.
And indeed this is what I've realized Microsoft, and learned his lesson that loyal users of the brands business is better now and for operating systems controlling and impossible to be abandoned in the absence of a strong alternative, yes it must and can be Windows Phone excellent in terms of performance and provides capabilities that are not competitors can provide and which raise the world's appetite then abandon Ward and climb as possible, and here article pulp and a plan is being drawn by Microsoft on the leaves reached my ways!
To plan and treasure turn the tables on competitors:
 110330 google1 microsoft war 605 300x162 Microsoft's plan to exploit the Nokia for control of the smart phone sector
After Microsoft acquired Nokia, and was preceded by a deal to buy Skype service has become the American company has in its hands the elements of power that can be invested to defeat Babylon, Google, and their allies in the smart phone sector.
And I mean to signal former executive vice president at Skype Ross Shaw after the acquisition of Nokia, which was launched in an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian that confirms the foregoing, where he confirmed that the deal to buy Skype and Nokia is the basis for the plan from the beginning drawn seeking Microsoft to be achieved and it seems they now equipped to Osasiha those trades hoping to see from Microsoft phones great and strong and has good features.
And does that mean, then, that this plan requires Microsoft to produce smart phones based on Nokia's expertise in design, production, and according to the patents moved with the Finnish company's transition to her lap without forgetting that Skype plays the role of free chat service integrated with Windows Phones iPhone using modern networks the fourth generation of free offers, to give users to connect with their friends, families and acquaintances, whether audio or visible for free without paying a single centimes while not excluding making it available on networks generation Aiit.
It is known that mobile operators check the majority of their profits from phone calls, and did not resort after to make it free due to the fact that Will deprive it of a majority of its profits and thus fall into the quagmire of crises, and this is what Thzv to Microsoft through its plan to be implemented and that will make companies Communications in an unenviable position to be Skype on Windows Phones iPhone only forensic Alternative and free her away from cards and shipping costs minute and hour.
On the other hand remain phones Android or iPhone and the rest of the other platforms are not available on a treasure that will change Gesma of the balance of power, and makes Microsoft, which is owned volatility of the table on them to leave them dead bodies lifeless not a Akthert have users who Sastafon in queues in front of stores and shops, which will provide those devices to write history the end of the myth of Android, iPhone and fateful change of the telecommunications sector by the American giant Microsoft is eager now to do so in remained blockaded crises in this sector, which cost her a lot and would cost more to implement its insane plan.
So after a successful Microsoft in the kidnapping of Nokia recently and Skype before, For Google and Apple and manufacturers smartphones that regrets too for this to happen, because what is planning the American company could end many companies and places in a crisis, and if moving companies Great to reduce Microsoft's ambitions, it must wait for the end of the stiff competition for the majority of companies, but those that decide to have subsidiaries and is subject to the production of mobile Windows Phone.
And if the world has acknowledged that the deal is very important and that the establishment of Microsoft by surprise was great, and that Alohmav of which are reviewed by the views of various writers and specialists in various media, I see it the issue deeper than perceived by the majority that have addressed the surface and left us Depth most expressive shock coming!