TECH NEWS: Review phone Ascend P6 from Huawei

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Review phone Ascend P6 from Huawei


Shaped device stylish and attractive and is considered the world's slimmest where the thickness of only 6.2 mm Weight 120 g and its design is similar to the design of the iPhone Fife, Huawei has added some special touches so distinct from the rest of the mobile phones like headsets port covered with a piece of aluminum, and can be this piece be used in the output port and slide Micro SD port These new and different! But unfortunately piece is very small and easy to loss, it is noticeable that the volume buttons and lock button close to each other, causing confusion in the used and overall manufacturing quality phone is very excellent.


Processor quad-core processor at 1.5 GHz, random memory (RAM) 2 GB. 
from my point of view that the performance is good for Android device but for a quad-core performance is weak and applications and games sometimes do not work quickly and take a long time to run and even during surf the Internet you will notice that the device is slow to load the page and data as well as slow in bringing pictures, web pages and in some cases it is possible to experience slow movement between applications.


Battery comes with a capacity of 2000 mAh and after our experience of the battery results showed that the battery is good and lasting battery Balamla to the period between 10 - 14 about an hour and this period reflect my experience during the communicative network Wi-Fi only and which you watching several video clips from YouTube and Some applications loaded from Google Play store and I spent most of my time in social networking programs such as Twitter and Alanstjeram
Screen size 4.7 inches and comes precisely 720 in 1280 and 312 in terms of the density of pixels, frankly, you're expected to screen accuracy common as it accurately 720 me, but after my experience I discovered that the screen is fantastic in terms of accuracy, colors and brightness of the screen is very excellent and claimed helps you to see the screen under sunlight, but strong compared with mobile such as Galxi DHL soon and the HTC Wen monitors these devices considered better because they come my accurately 1080 but the screen is a positive point for the device.


Audio device is good, and frankly I did not notice anything special in terms of speakers but what puzzled me that the speakers in the bottom of the device in if مسكته fist hand as possible cover on the speakers but will not notice the weak sound only if pressure with your hand on the speakers, and this same problem with devices Samsung.

System and interface:

The device comes running Android 4.2.2 and the device comes with an interface of its own and is characterized by this interface heavily molds and shapes and one more thing I liked this interface is Qara to control everything manually, such as movements of movement on the main display and the ability to change the font of the same interface without the need to download applications To change the font but the shape of the interface and icons strange and is inconsistent with this beautiful facade.
Camera: 8 MP and visualize my 1080 resolution video and comes with a LED flash and supports auto-focus 
front camera: 5 megapixel and visualize my 720 resolution video 
camera is quite good, I did not notice anything special or different from the rest of the cameras and accuracy good hand shooting photos and videos, for the camera frankly front camera front is very excellent and give you tremendous results and mobile phone comes with Beauty Mode position and that gives automatic improvements during image capture.
Camera 2 experience
Experience rear camera 1
2 front camera experience
Experience the front camera 1



  • Sleek look of your device
  • Slim and very light
  • Several interface options and templates
  • High resolution screen and stunning colors


  • Poor performance for quad-core processor
  • Ordinary camera

Processor quad-core processor at 1.5 GHz, random memory (RAM) 2 GB. Review phone Ascend P6 from Huawei by 

Audit elements:

Design - 8.5
Performance - 5
System - 7
Camera - 7.5
Sound - 6
Screen - 8


Final Evaluation

Public opinion: Huawei device is a good choice, especially with its reasonable price, and disadvantage poor performance of the ordinary camera