TECH NEWS: Android 4.3 up to HTC One

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Android 4.3 up to HTC One

one43 Android 4.3 up to HTC One
About two weeks ago announced  Jason Mackenzie, President of HTC America via Tweets he posted on Twitter, that the company has started sending system update your HTC One developer to version 4.3 of Android Jelly between waiting for the arrival in the near future to the rest users..
And already has begun some owners of HTC One device three days ago in Taiwan to receive over-the-air update OTA and today began the rest of the users to receive the update which amounted to 512 MB in size, where many special features came to performance and speed with the interface Sense 5.0.
In addition, the system has become largely stable compared to the version that preceded it let alone improve imaging camera in low-light settings and change the shape of the battery indicator while charging the device.
The update will arrive in Canada before the end of this month, HTC said it will be launched to the United States soon after, noting that it would depend on the companies that allow access to the update to its users.