TECH NEWS: Valve reveals Steam joystick for computer games

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Valve reveals Steam joystick for computer games

Valve Steam Steam Valve reveals Steam Control arm for computer games
This is the third and last what it promised Valve Valve just as the rumors predicted, it is actually the console that is designed to work with Steam OS and computers Steam Steam and also works with other operating systems and computers.
Began Valve those triple by announcing an operating system Steam OS, which revolves around the Steam games, and then announced its strategy for the launch of computers Steam that focus on games, and now, the ad is the third and last, an arm controller has been designed to run all kinds of games, both of which already been launched or those that will be launched in the future.
Valve Steam Steam1 Valve reveals Steam joystick for computer games
The most important characteristic of the control arm Steam Games is a complete contradiction to each other controllers, where they do not come with concrete buttons or shares on both sides, instead of two paintings tactile control Trackpads! Of order to achieve Altawan between lack of physical sticks, and allowed to take up more space in the direction of movements of the fingers.
In addition, there is a high-resolution screen touch screen, you can click on the screen as a button Button, as well as eliminate the need to consider the position of the click in the control arm, According to her Valve, the "screen allows for an infinite number of different procedures that will be available to the players, without the need for an infinite number of physical buttons. "
Recently, followed Valve unveiling gradually SteamOS on the Linux operating system and Windows and Mac, and with the joystick new, everything is touch, and despite those easily added by the valve on the console games of their own, but it is likely to take some time until players get used to it without having to "Stitches! "Fingers for either stock or buttons.