TECH NEWS: Why Magento is the best choice to create an electronic store?

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Why Magento is the best choice to create an electronic store?

Magento Logo Why Majnto is Magento is the best choice to create an electronic store?
Magento has become one of the most credible names and the confidence in the world of creation and development of e-shops sites CMS control panel provided outstanding. If you intend to create an online store, and is keen on setting up shop privileged, most web developers on the Internet Will advise resorting to the platform Magento control panel CMS own distinct, they are not just a Control Panel strong and by, but it also displays the user interface is attractive, in addition to capacity solutions, It is an open source software open-source and available for download and modification for free on the Internet.
E-commerce sites took the largest participation and the spread of Internet users better than any other kind of sites on the internet at all. And slit the best in the electronic stores on the Internet that they allow you to discover thousands of products and services, and read a description of many of the products in detail, and compare prices for the same product with other brands, and even the same brand but from different locations, and then in the end - quite simply - the pressure on Buy Buy button and finish the entire process in minutes.

Why use Magento to develop and create any e-commerce site?

  • The possibility of dealing with more than one store at the same time:  one of the leading properties Magento at all which is the ability to manage more than a shop-mail from one control panel. It does not matter now if you own one store or 5 manages or owns 10 stores stores at the same time, it has become the management of these stores are all proved one click of a button with Magento. With  Magento can own more than one domain, with different IP addresses, and a lot of protection certificates that guarantee you the safety of the store from the usual hazards.
  • An infinite number of templates: customization template that it will appear e Store is the second major advantage of and create a development platform for electronic stores Magento. You can choose your favorite scene, favorite template and then create the job has to comply with the selected store. Not only that, but you also can swap between the template permanent store any form work associated season given (holidays - seasons - events - ... etc), and also allow you to download more than one template - free and paid - from more than one place in accordance with your works.
  • Selections browse and review of the better products to the user: displays Magento features recreational additional make browsing experience eStore designer Magento pleasant experience, such as displaying more pictures per item, in addition to the work of zoom in and out of those images, in addition to the ability to display the views of buyers and former visitors in this product. Magento develops from the user's shopping experience where everything is designed on the site to suit the mood of the visitor. The action button CTO (Call To Action) is more than wonderful, it allows high flexibility ranging from checking inventory to detect the availability of the product, through presentations selling Top Up-Sell to sell products related to the product chosen by the customer Cross-Sell, and other lots and lots .
  • Ease of transmission of purchase orders: Many sites offer complex procedures to complete the purchase, threatening the departure of visiting for the completion of the procurement process and out of the site. With  Magento is well aware that the ease of completing the purchase of the visitor of the best means to ensure the best return on investment ROI. When developing your store address through of Magento will realize the size of the possibilities offered by you to create, view, edit, and completion of the purchase orders through the Admin Control Panel, Walking through of multiple invoices to multiple mailing addresses, do not worry .. There are lots and lots which you provide to Control Panel CMS the Magento, in addition to that users can check and review their payments last that previously did it.
  • Compatible with Google Analytics : How can you live on the Internet without Google Analytics? I even think that if Google has transferred the service from a free service to a paid service, site managers will not hesitate in investing in as it did before with Google Apps Google Apps. Google Analytics One important aspect of any electronic store management and systematic follow-up performance. This will help you to understand the overall performance of the store. There is an impressive array of reports, which are indispensable to you, such as tax reports, reports of abandoned vehicles purchase (which is not used by visitors), more products Show visitors, more products to buy, etc..
  • Great Marketing: Another feature is indispensable for any type of business, and any company that gives great importance to this aspect .. Marketing. Magento not only help in increasing sales and reap the revenue, but also has a very tools in the magnificence and power to support the marketing process, such as Up-Sells, Cross-Sells, which urges the visitor to buy more products. And also addresses the URL to search engines friendly in Magento, a feature that can not be ignored, as well as flexible pricing rules have Magento bring more customers more easily.
We in pepper Commerce  believe that the experience of use Magento platform Magento to develop electronic stores is truly an enjoyable experience and advise all depending on .. In case you want to use commercial services to build your store we recommend relying on a private company or a specialist developer knows Magento and understands the nuances between the development of an electronic store, plain site, and doing site shop-mail you exactly as you wish.
What do you think? We have agreed opinion that Magento is the best platform for electronic stores? Let your thoughts via comments.