TECH NEWS: Facebook wins $ 3 million from Vachani and Power Ventures

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Facebook wins $ 3 million from Vachani and Power Ventures

facebookkk فيس بوك تفوز بـ 3 مليون دولار من Vachani وPower Ventures
By court order, I got a company Facebook on Wednesday on a $ 3 million from companies Vachani and Power Ventures which send spam, and raised by the company Facebook by a lawsuit where the claim for compensation due to damage received as a result.
This was a win real after a long battle against Vachani and Power Ventures, and was the final judgment against them that they had violated copyright laws and send e-mail unwanted by sending tens of thousands of spam messages and unwanted users of Facebook.
Said Craig Clark - General Counsel Assistant Company Facebook "We are pleased with today's ruling, which gave Facebook more than $ 3 million because of damage Olhaktna with enjoined and forbidding companies to return to do so," he added, "We will continue to get our rights against bad elements that seek to inflict damage the Facebook network and its users. "