TECH NEWS: Introduction to Webmaster Tools Google Webmaster tools

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Introduction to Webmaster Tools Google Webmaster tools

When you look at corporate profits technological famous we find a substantial income and the big profits generated by these companies, for example, and when you consider the Fortune 500, we find that the profits of Google Inc., up to 11005 million U.S. dollars, equivalent to 1.1 billion billion net profit for the department The first of 2013 and perhaps the reason behind this huge amount of profits is the facilities and services offered by the company for all its users. We will talk here about one of the most important services provided by Google Inc., for all users, especially owners of websites, a service Google Webmaster tools or what is known in Arabic Webmaster Tools.

How to add site in Webmaster Tools

  • After logging on your account page in your Webmaster Tools Click on Add site Add your site and you will see the following chart:
Screen Shot 2013 11 29 at 08.04.04 300x121 مقدمة عن ادوات مشرفي المواقع Google Webmaster tools
  • Fill in the URL in this section and then begin the process of proving ownership of the site by copying the HTML code to be added at the site in Webmaster Tools

How to benefit from Webmaster Tools:

The Alastvad of this service is very large in terms of which you can learn that the number of pages archived in Google over time any knowledge of the amount of the increase in the archive in your site search engine in detail in all the history of time.That section by clicking on the Google index and choose the index status
As for the messages that are sent to you via Webmaster Tools In a mostly negative news, either due to suspension or archiving in your Android because of the inability to enter into your site ... etc..
Offering you this service in the Department of search traffic many services can pursue when you log in to the sub-section in search queries see keywords that introduces visitors to your site through printed on the search engine ranking depending on the number of impressions for the site in the search engines when you print the word in Google . Or may be arranged depending on the number of clicks on your site when they are printed in the search engine. The ID can also CTR click through rate per word, which is a division of the number of clicks on the number appearing in the search engine and thus ID and meaningful words that represent users slide the desired focus. This process makes it easy to choose the words that will focus on when you are in the process of improving the search engines.
Screen Shot 2013 11 29 at 08.40.48 95x300 مقدمة عن ادوات مشرفي المواقع Google Webmaster tools
The department can also search traffic when you log in to the sub-section links to your site that links to recognize your site from other sites Awaltakd a link to your site and other sites you can see the thread between the most famous sites.
As for the section Crawlers It helps you know which pages where Google is facing a problem in archiving. Besides knowing the number of pages a day and can Almarhh through this section to make sure that there are no any problems in any archive page manually.
In the end, explaining what we have is just the tip of the iceberg to offer this service to webmasters in general. But I want here to try as much as possible to do the process of simplification of how this service for website owners, that this service is constantly evolving, and with each update, we find many of the additions are Google Inc., putting in order to make it easier for website owners the process of assessing their positions and give them a broader vision of how to work sites and archived.